Paras Chhabra SNAPS BACK At Akanksha Puri For Accusing Him Of Using Her Name On Mujhse Shaadi Karoge: 'She Needs To Stop It First'- EXCLUSIVE

Akanksha Puri accused her former boyfriend, Paras Chhabra of using her name on his show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and said she will take legal action if the makers malign her image on national television. We spoke to Paras about it and here's what he has to say

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Paras Chhabra SNAPS BACK At Akanksha Puri For Accusing Him Of Using Her Name On Mujhse Shaadi Karoge: 'She Needs To Stop It First'- EXCLUSIVE
It's been months that Bigg Boss 13's Paras Chhabra and his former girlfriend, Akanksha Puri's relationship has taken a sour turn. The actress broke up with him while he was inside the house, seeing his growing proximity with another housemate, Mahira Sharma. 

But it seems things are not going settle down between the two soon. Recently, when Paras in an interview revealed that Akanksha tried to get in touch with him post his Bigg Boss 13 journey and that has irked the actress. She is also upset with the fact that Paras is being using her name in his interviews and show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. In an interview with TOI, she expressed her resentment on it and also denied the fact that she tried to contact him.


We contacted Paras to know what he has to say about these two accusations by his former ladylove. Speaking about Akansha's denial of contacting Paras, the actor said, "I am not lying on anything. I will stand by my words. She has definitely tried to get in touch with me by trying to convey messages to me through our common friends but I didn't respond as for me everything is over between us and I have nothing to discuss with her. I have those screen shots with me but definitely I don't want to share it on a public platform and malign her image."  

On asking what Paras has to say about Akanksha being unhappy about her name being dragged by him in interviews and Mujhse Shaadi Kaorge, the actor replied, " I think she should first stop taking my name so that I can also stop replying to the statements given by her. When I was locked inside Bigg Boss 13, she has also used my name a lot of times but I didn't raise any kind of objection. Similarly, I also have the right to take her name to clarify my side."  

Paras also added, "If she is upset that I used her name on my show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge then let me make it clear again that I just said, 'Akanksha is not a bad girl but the qualities she has I can see the same quality in you (contestant) and I am not looking for a girl who has similar qualities.' My intention was not to demean her. Akanksha bhaut pyaari ladki hai par uska nature mujhe khaas pasand nahi hai."   

For those who've come in late, Akanksha in her interview to TOI has said, "I don't know why the show and the makers of the show are dragging my name. They are going on using my name without my consent. Sometimes, the contestants are using my name, and sometimes Paras uses it. Why are they making me a part of the show which I am not? There are so many things I know but I am not speaking as I don't want to make things ugly. Why does he keep talking about me? I am staying away and not commenting on anything, then why can't Paras stop taking my name. Paras is saying in the media that I tried to contact him, but even he knows that I have blocked him while he was inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. I handed over the phone to his mother and before doing that I had blocked him then why is he making false claims. Even at that time, I didn't utter a word, but now things are getting out of hand.I don't want to be associated with Paras in any way. Whatever Paras want to do he can do but stop using my name. Otherwise, I will be forced to take action him and the show (The production house). They can't use it without my consent because it is creating trouble for me outside."

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