Rahul Sharma On His Show Pyaar Ki Lukka Chuppi Ending Abruptly: 'This Is My 7th Show As A Lead And I Am Used To It'- EXCLUSIVE

Rahul Sharma speaks to SpotboyE.com about the sudden ending of his show, Pyaar Ki Lukka Chuppi. The actor feels that the show was doing well, and hence it came as a surprise but adds, he is used to it

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Rahul Sharma On His Show Pyaar Ki Lukka Chuppi Ending Abruptly: 'This Is My 7th Show As A Lead And I Am Used To It'- EXCLUSIVE
 TV show Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi starring Aparna Dixit, Rahul Sharma and Alan Kapoor in the lead roles, is all set to wrap up. The show which got launched in December last year will telecast its last episode on September 6. The development has come as a shock to the actors since the show was doing well for the channel.

We spoke to Rahul Sharma who was playing the main lead as Sarthak in the show and he expressed his views on the sudden decision taken by the channel. ALSO READ Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi Actor Rahul Sharma Dresses Up As God To Shoo Off Coronavirus Scare From The World

Talking to us exclusively on the development, Rahul Sharma said, "I got to hear about this news from my director when I reported to the set recently. And I got numb for 5-10 minutes because I didn't know how to react. I am definitely disappointed with the decision because the show was doing good and was getting a good response. And suddenly when they tell you that we are ending the show, you ofcourse feel disheartened. I felt ki thoda aur chalana chahiye tha. But it's the channel's decision and I respect it completely." ALSO READ Rahul Sharma Shares His Struggle, Err, Success Story

He went on saying, "This is my 7th show as a lead so I am used to these kinds of things in life. Hence, I am not feeling demotivated. Whenever a show is put off air there is a reason behind it. I will always cherish my journey of PKLC. I am someone who looks for creative satisfaction and I think I was creatively satisfied playing Sarthak on the show."

Ask him what he is planning to do after this and Rahul says, "I never prepare myself for anything. I will welcome whatever comes my way. Main hamesha maanta hoon 'Show aapko chunta hai aap show ko nahi chunte'. I had said no for this show twice but it came to me and only because of the storyline, I said yes to it. But if you ask me what kind of role I would like to play after this, then it has to be something that I have not done before like a historical drama, vampire or a grey shade character." 

The show will be replaced by the upcoming show, Aye Mere Humsafar which stars Namish Taneja, Tina Phillip and Neelu Vaghela.

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