Sanjeeda Shaikh SHARES Father's Demise Made Her Stronger! Talks About Moving On From Ex Aamir Ali In This THROWBACK Video - WATCH

Heeramandi star Sanjeeda Shaikh opens up about her struggles in a viral video where she shares how the passing away of her father made her strong, she even indirectly talked about her closed chapter in life hinting at ex Aamir Ali

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Sanjeeda Shaikh SHARES Father's Demise Made Her Stronger! Talks About Moving On From Ex Aamir Ali In This THROWBACK Video - WATCH
Sanjeeda Shaikh has won over audiences with her portrayal of 'Waheeda' in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Her performance has been widely praised, showcasing her talent and dedication to the role. Beyond her professional achievements, Sanjeeda's personal life has also garnered attention. She married Aamir Ali in 2012, and in 2018, they welcomed their daughter, Arya, via surrogacy. However, the couple divorced in 2021. ALSO READ: ‘Not Everything She Says Is About Us’: Aamir Ali Opens Up On Ex-Wife Sanjeeda Shaikh’s ‘Demotivating Partners’ Comment 

Recently, a video of Sanjeeda discussing her personal struggles has been circulating on social media. In this video, she reflects on one of the most challenging periods of her life—the passing of her father. She revealed that her father died on his wedding anniversary, a profoundly emotional event that has significantly strengthened her. Sanjeeda shared that she often suppressed her grief in public but allowed herself to mourn privately, a testament to the deep bond she had with her father. She also spoke about witnessing her brother's emotional outpouring, noting that she appreciates men who can openly express their feelings. ALSO READ: I Was Kind Of Taken Aback: Sanjeeda Shaikh RECALLS Horrifying Incident When She Was Groped By A Woman In Night Club 

Sanjeeda addressed the societal judgments based on gender, expressing her disapproval of such stereotypes. She fondly remembered how her father would start each day with gratitude for his loving wife, highlighting the enduring love between her parents. She finds joy in sharing stories of couples who remain in love after many years, calling it beautiful.

Regarding her own past, Sanjeeda mentioned that an incident in her life is now a closed chapter, and she has moved on from it. She prefers to focus on the new chapter of her life, which brings her happiness. In an interview with Hauterrfly, Sanjeeda expressed contentment with her current life. She emphasized the importance of avoiding people who try to belittle or demotivate others, specifically addressing how some men attempt to undermine women.

While some speculated that her comments might be directed at her ex-husband Aamir Ali, Aamir responded by suggesting that Sanjeeda might have been referring to something else entirely. He clarified that their relationship ended long ago and that he prefers not to speak negatively about his past relationships in public.

Sanjeeda Shaikh's journey is marked by her resilience and ability to find strength in difficult times. Her professional success, coupled with her personal growth, paints a picture of a woman who has faced her challenges head-on and emerged stronger. Her reflections on her father's death, her views on gender stereotypes, and her approach to moving forward from past relationships offer valuable insights into her character and values.

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