Sara Khan: Marriage Not On Cards But Open To Motherhood

Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai actress Sara Khan has spoken about her marriage plans. Although the actress doesn't want to settle down anytime soon, yet she doesn't mind embracing motherhood

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Sara Khan: Marriage Not On Cards But Open To Motherhood
Sara Khan often makes headlines with her social media posts, sometimes comprising of controversial comments or pictures. And now, the lady is back in news as she has opened up about her marriage plans...err... should we say no marriage plans. However, she is open to the idea of embracing motherhood.

Sara married Ali Merchant on Bigg Boss (Season 4). The two, however, got divorced a couple of months later. And now Sara has no plans of settling down anytime soon. Talking about it to Bombay Times, Sara said, "I am not getting hitched. I don’t know about the future as it’s unpredictable. But at this point, marriage isn’t on my mind.”

While Sara is not intending to marry in the near future, she is very confident about pursuing motherhood. Sara added, "I don’t know if marriage is on the cards, but I definitely want to experience motherhood. It’s very important to have a child, as I feel that it completes the journey of a woman. In our society, it’s an unwritten law that you can’t have a child out of wedlock. I am not in agreement with that, but I am expected to follow it as I am a part of this society. I would like to have a child, depending on my work and financial security. I will take that step as soon as I am ready for it. I might also consider adoption.”

Sara also replied what love means to her now? “When you are young, love happens easily; at least, that’s how you perceive it. You fall for the person if you get a little bit of attention. You don’t think about practicalities; kabhi bhi kahin bhi ho jaata hai. But today, I have a rather mature perspective of love. It’s much deeper than what we assume it to be. And it’s difficult to happen.” quipped Sara.

Well the actress was recently linked up to her friend Ankit Gera and reports claimed that two are soon going to tie the knot. However rubbishing the rumours, Sara Khan and Ankit Gera had exclusively told "I have no idea what is it," Sara had replied whereas Ankit spoke to us at length and had said, "It's a surprise for me as well. I myself don't know that I am tying the knot with Sara Khan. I and Sara are friends since 9 years. And now we are business partners too. As I have started my own production house. I have collaborated with her production for our first short film titled Husn-E-Hasan and we are travelling to Manali for the shoot this month. We are not only the producers but also acting in the film as main leads. With this association, we are also planning to bring some songs."

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