Shama Sikander Reacts To Plastic Surgery Rumours: 'I'm Not Some Criminal; You Have No Idea What I've Gone Through'

Shama Sikander reacted to plastic surgery rumours, and said people have no idea what she has been through. She said she didn't see any reason to explain and that she'd rather let people live with their lies

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Shama Sikander Reacts To Plastic Surgery Rumours: 'I'm Not Some Criminal; You Have No Idea What I've Gone Through'
Having made her acting debut with the TV show, Ye Meri Life Hai, actress Shama Sikander set foot in the entertainment business back in 2004. It was last year that she took the 10-year challenge on the social networking platform and shared a then and now picture of her. These images of her had invited trolls, and sparked rumours of the actress going under the knife. This has left the actress irked and she has now reacted to the rumours. As per reports in IANS, she mentioned of not being answerable to anyone of them as they are unaware of her struggle.

She said, “Firstly, I don’t understand these accusations. Accused? I am not some criminal standing here that I have done something wrong. They are not even sure if I have even done it. I don’t see any reason to explain or to speak about this. It is my life. I can do whatever I want. Secondly, you have no idea what I have gone through.” Later she mentions why people don’t believe her when she says of her mind has changed.

She adds, “When I tell you this is my mind that has changed me, you don’t believe me! So, I’d rather let them live with their lies and they can feel whatever they want to feel they can feel and understand.”

Also she mentioned one need not go under knife thus resulting into looking different, hence people who think, the actress has decided to leave them by owing no clarification on it. “It is not necessary that you go under the knife every time people change. If I change, does that mean I go under the knife every day? And I just keep changing every day? Have they lost it? So, I don’t want to say anything to those people. It’s their life,” added Shama. ALSO READ: Shama Sikander Calls For Stricter Laws As Domestic Violence Cases Spike During Lockdown; 'We Get What We Tolerate' - WATCH

Earlier, the actress had also opened up about her mental health issues and revealed she was diagnosed as bipolar.

Image Source: Instagram/shamasikander