Shilpa Shinde’s Fans Apologised To Hina Khan For Not Letting Her Win Bigg Boss; Now Shilpa Gives It Back To Them

Former Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde is irked by the behaviour of some of her fans as they changed gears and apologized to Hina Khan for not letting her win the show

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Shilpa Shinde’s Fans Apologised To Hina Khan For Not Letting Her Win Bigg Boss; Now Shilpa Gives It Back To Them
Last month, we brought you a story around Hina Khan’s social media account buzzing overtime. Apparently, the Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 actress had her phone ringing non-stop as Twitterati flooded her with apology texts. And the apologies were by fans of Shilpa Shinde, who turned pro Hina and sent out tweets to the actress, seeking an apology for not believing in her at the time.

To which Hina also replied, "Don’t be sorry, it’s perfectly ok..these msgs make me feel so good..people who did not like me and judged me are now apologising to me for being so judgemental..And Remember,That was a storm,not to destroy me but to clear the path for me so tht I can prove myself and succeed 🙏".

Sometime back, we got in touch with Shilpa Shinde when she quit Twitter. The actress who is extremely popular for her blunt replies also reverted to our question. We asked her if she is upset that her own fans apologized to Hina Khan for not making her a winner. To this Shilpa said, "I think the person's PR has done all this by making her fans keeping my DP and apologising her. I won't deny the fact that there must be few of my original fans too but that was majorly a planned thing to put me down".

She also added, "In my entire journey of Bigg Boss, I was like this only. I was very straightforward. You may recall during the end of season once Hina was screaming at me 'Very good Shilpa Shinde tum khana nahi de rahi ho'. But I was very clear 'Nahi dungi tumhe. Main tumhe khana nahi dungi suno kyunki tumne mujhe unhygenic bola. To main nahi dungi aur iska mujhe paap lagta hai to paap lage. So that time also I never had in my mind that I should behave good to get fans. I never tried to be fake to look good onscreen. And the people who voted for me and made me winner were only because of me behaving real. I never played double standards. So I feel fans should also understand this".

Image Source:vishvagujarat,Instagram/realhinakhan