Shweta Tiwari Gets Son's Reyansh Custody, Abhinav Kohli To Have Visitation Rights; Actress Says ‘This Is What I Wanted’

Bombay High Court has granted Shweta Tiwari custody of her son Reyansh. Her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has reportedly been given visitation rights.

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Shweta Tiwari Gets Son's Reyansh Custody, Abhinav Kohli To Have Visitation Rights; Actress Says ‘This Is What I Wanted’
Shweta Tiwari and her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli have been fighting the custody battle for their son Reyansh for the past several months. According to a TOI report, the Bombay High Court has now granted Shweta custody of her son Reyansh and Abhinav has been given visitation rights. The report also stated that Abhinav has been given access to meet Reyansh for "two hours in a week in their building premises, in the presence of family members."

Shweta opened up about getting custody of her son and stated that she is satisfied with the judgment. “This is what I wanted and I am honestly satisfied with the judgement. Abhinav would follow me everywhere I went in the last two years. He would end up in Delhi or Pune or wherever I travelled with Reyansh for my shows and create a ruckus. It was mentally exhausting for both, me and my child,” she was quoted as saying by TOI.

In his petition, Abhinav cited that Shweta is a busy actress and hence doesn’t have enough time for Reyansh. Talking about it, the actress asserted that questioning her for being a working mother would be raising a question to the rights of every single parent who has to work for a living.

“I work for my family and to give them a good lifestyle, what’s wrong in that? But he kept using that against me and I am glad that the court dismissed those allegations,” Shweta added.

On the other hand, Abhinav Kohli also talked about the court’s verdict and told ETimes, “It is a huge relief for me as I have been fighting the custody battle for months. I haven't met my son for 11 months, so I am elated to finally be able to see him. This is just the beginning and there’s a long way to go. This is not a victory for me, it is my son Reyaansh’s victory. He has won between Shweta and my fight. Reyaansh will get to meet his father.”

The High Court observed that all the allegations levelled by Abhinav against Shweta were baseless and hence decided to keep the custody of the child with his mother.

The Court in its judgement said, “There was no material, which prima facie indicates that the custody of the child with the mother was detrimental to his welfare and development. At such a tender age, a child needs the company of the mother and hence keeping him in her custody appears more natural and conducive for the development of the child.” ALSO READ: Shweta Tiwari's Husband Abhinav Kohli Can’t Express His Happiness As Bombay High Court Grants Him Permission To Meet His Son

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