Siddhant Karnick On Divorce With Megha Gupta, '2 Good People Might Not Make For A Good Marriage'

From finding peace of mind to having a relationship with his own self now, actor Siddhant Karnick spills the beans about his life post his divorce with wife-actress Megha Gupta

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Siddhant Karnick On Divorce With Megha Gupta, '2 Good People Might Not Make For A Good Marriage'
Actor Siddhant Karnick and TV actress-model Megha Gupta’s marriage had hit the rock bottom in the early phase of 2019. The two despite giving a second chance to their marriage by taking therapy sessions, it just did not turned out to be a helpful one. As per reports in a leading publication, now Siddhant expressed of being in a happy space and has revealed of being at peace. Just like the previous times while Megha remained tight lipped about it, Siddhant spoke about it at a length.

As per reports in Times of India, the actor revealed of the two running out of patience. He further revealed of attaining peace of mind, after the two parted ways. Spilling the beans of living separate post their marriage had hit the rock bottom, to check if this separation can make their hearts pondering for one another, it resulted into the two being at peace and feeling much better about it. He was quoted saying by the publication, “That’s when we decided to go our separate ways. I have realised that two good people might not make for a great marriage.”

With separations and divorces getting the nastier aspect of an individual out on a display, luckily for Siddant and Megha, it did not turn out to be ugly. He said, “Divorces can get ugly, but fortunately, it didn’t turn ugly for us. That’s because Megha and I decided to leave when there was still a little love left between us, which helped us sail through.”

Also being supportive in this difficult phase of their lives were their families. According to him marriage is not about two individuals but two families and their families realized it, that life is above just marriage. ALSO READ: Sonakshi Sinha's Ex-Boyfriend And TV Actress Megha Gupta's Ex-Husband Aditya Shroff Now Finds Love In VJ Ramona

Talking about his new phase in his life, Siddanth said, “I am in a relationship with myself now and I am having a good time. I have realised what a great guy I am. It’s important to know yourself and get back in a relationship with yourself first. When you are married, you start thinking for the two of you and ignore yourself most of the time, which is not healthy for a marriage. You should always have your own space and identity, which I guess I had lost somewhere. Right now, I am being on my own and being in a relationship isn’t a priority.” ALSO READ: Siddhant Karnick-Megha Gupta's Marriage In Trouble; Couple Currently Not Living Together 

The two had tied the knot in 2016; prior to this wedlock, Megha was married to Aditya Shroff for four years. ALSO RAD: TV hotties Siddhant Karnick-Megha Gupta Have A Hush-Hush Wedding

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