Sidharth Shukla Sprains His Ankle, Actor In Extreme Pain - EXCLUSIVE

Not so pleasant update about Sidharth Shukla as we have come to know that the actor has sprained his ankle

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Sidharth Shukla Sprains His Ankle, Actor In Extreme Pain - EXCLUSIVE
Actor Sidharth Shukla is not just a famous actor but also enjoys a huge fan base on social media. Looking at his popularity we keep trying to get some interesting details about him for his fans. However, unfortunately there's some bad news for his fans as we hear that the actor has recently sprained his leg. 

Our source confirms, "Sidharth who is a regular with his gymming and running has sprained his ankle a few days back. He has had a lot of pain and in fact is hardly able to move. He is room ridden which is difficult for Sidharth who is so used to his day to day activities, meetings, work outs, etc."  ALSO READ: Broken But Beautiful 3's Sidharth Shukla On Ekta Kapoor Choosing Him For Agastya: 'I Would Love To Hear What She Says'- EXCLUSIVE

The actor who has been receiving praises  for his performance in Broken But Beautiful 3 had credited his director Priyanka Ghose for it in an exclusive chat with, "Priyanka Ghose, our director, was completely hands on. From managing our erratic shooting schedules to the involvement she had in each and every department, she’s done a commendable job. Post production during the pandemic has not been easy as the teams are smaller, the work is not in studios and rather remotely from home and yet she has made sure none of it affects the final product. I am someone who appreciates hard work and I have seen Priyanka go all out and battle all the challenges that came our way with sheer hard work. While for most of us a day has 24 hours, I don’t know how she managed to turn them into 48 hours and that requires a lot of dedication. And in fact, I think the energies on our set were at another level because Sonia, Priyanka and I- all three were working on OTT for the first time.” ALSO READ: Broken But Beautiful 3: Sidharth Shukla Shares How He Deals With Heartbreaks In Real Life- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW

Well, here's wishing Sidharth a speedy recovery!

Image source: Instagram/realsidharthshukla