Sushant Singh Rajput Demise: Vikas Gupta Pours His Heart Out; Says, 'I Am Sorry I Couldn’t Help Cause I Needed It Myself'

Sushant Singh Rajput's sudden death has shaken not only Bollywood but also the Television industry. Vikas Gupta, his dear friend took to Instagram to share how he couldn't be there for SSR as he himself needed help.

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Sushant Singh Rajput Demise: Vikas Gupta Pours His Heart Out; Says, 'I Am Sorry I Couldn’t Help Cause I Needed It Myself'
Sushant Singh Rajput leaving this world has left everyone shocked. It's been 2 days since the talented actor ended his life due to depression in his Bandra residence in Mumbai. But his close ones are unable to accept the fact. The actor's close friend Vikas Gupta took to his Instagram to post an unseen video of him playing video games with the actor and penned a long note talking about the actor and his reason for death. 

Sharing a long video of 10 minutes starting with a memory of two playing video games Vikas wrote, "Don’t ask a troubled person to talk to you if you don’t have an intention to help. Don’t call someone home for coffee because you want to feel good about yourself being kind you lend an ear. What he or she needs is much more. When you give hope and do nothing you add to the number of times his hope has died from inside. Situations or people have pushed someone to such a condition that they have come almost begging for help and instead sometimes are made fun of, gossiped of or given 'don’t worry it will be okay' and worse will be judged and so will their work their entire life. Like I will be post what I am doing. I know I am risking my entire life’s hard work and achievement."

He continued, "I will not be shamed any more or blackmailed anymore by anyone. You have been doing this for far too long and honestly I would prefer to die knowing the world knows who you all really are and they realise that cruelty can exist to this extend. It can be in your family, friends, in college at the workplace. People aren't all nice. They can be so brutal and sadist. I had told my house guest once if you are cornered by someone to an extent that you think you have no option but to die then before you do pick up all the strength and courage for that one blow. Don’t ever give up completely till there is a drop of anything left in you. This is the beginning of my last drop of everything that remains in me before I fall. I wasted my time energy crying begging asking for help, no one helped sometimes they couldn’t sometimes they were busy. I wasn’t able to help myself but by this, I am making sure these set of people will not be able to hurt anyone else ever again 
#vikasgupta #mentalillness is real #sushantsinghrajput."

"I remember the months we spend at #chaicoffee sharing dreams of the future. ThankU for taking care of my brother like your own. You kept him with you as your family for so long that I lost count of months - (No rent was ever shared or any expenses- he was the older brother) You taught him, loved him & trained him even better than I did Gratitude for whatever it’s worth now. I am sorry I couldn’t help cause I needed it myself. RIP", Vikas concluded. 

For those who are not aware Vikas and his brother Siddhant Gupta shared an extremely strong bond with the late actor. In fact a year back Siddhant was staying with Sushant in his house and their photos videos together were a treat to watch. Siddhant too had taken to his Instagram to share those memorable moments sometime back.

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