Tinaa Dattaa Accuses Producer Of Refusing To Pay Her Rs 30 Lakh After Show Goes Off Air

TV actress Tinaa Datta has accused a producer of not paying her Rs 30 Lakh after a show she was brought on board for went off air after some time. The actress said that the producer refused to pay her salary.

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Tinaa Dattaa Accuses Producer Of Refusing To Pay Her Rs 30 Lakh After Show Goes Off Air

Many a time television actors have voiced their concerns about working conditions and remuneration related issues that have become more a norm and less an exception in the TV industry.  Be it long working hours, lack of basic offs or the 90-day pay system - these are issues that have often been brought to the limelight. The latest victim, who has failed to get her salary - to the tune of Rs 30 Lakh, is TV actress Tinaa Datta. According to the latest reports, a producer has refused to pay Tinaa her salary after the show was cancelled. Divulging into details, Tinaa Dutta revealed to told Hindustan Times that she would not like to name the producer, but the producer has actually refused to pay her Rs 30 lakh after the show went off air.

According to Tinaa, the producer has apparently claimed that he ran the show in a huge loss. The actress said, “Which is practically not possible because they had financial backing from the sponsors and advertisers.” The actress was last in TV show Daayan. (ALSO READ: Tinaa Dattaa-Mohit Malhotra Patch Up? What Bull! They Don't Talk To Each Other, Now!!)

Further revealing why this has put her in a big mess, she got into deets and said, “I had parked my money into various investments and had also bought a house back then. At the back of my mind, I knew that even if the show will go off air, I will still get the remaining salary in the next three months. But one fine day, the producer said that I refuse to pay your money. I was shattered and in a real big mess. I had no idea how to figure things out.”

Tina also revealed that she made multiple reminders and even lodged a complaint at the Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA). The actress also states in her interview that the producers kept her in the lurch for the next three years. Since she had a very good relationship with the makers of the show, they paid her, but in small instalments. “I had lodged a complaint with CINTAA and they have been helpful. I believe in karma and it bites you back really hard,” Tinaa shares.

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