Urvashi Dholakia: 'I Can't Watch Dekh Bhai Dekh Reruns With My Sons'- EXCLUSIVE

With Doordarshan reviving many shows, Dekh Bhai Dekh is also one of them. We spoke to the show's actress, Urvashi Dholakia and went down memory lane with the actress

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Urvashi Dholakia: 'I Can't Watch Dekh Bhai Dekh Reruns With My Sons'- EXCLUSIVE
Dekh Bhai Dekh, one of the most iconic shows of the Indian television, is being aired again. That's right! During the lockdown, Doordarshan is re-telecasting its iconic shows and just like fans, the actors who have been part of such shows, can't keep calm. 

Yesterday, we brought to you how Shekhar Suman, who played Sameer Diwan in Dekh Bhai Dekh, revealed how the show changed his career and gave him a second life. And now, we got in touch with Urvashi Dholakia, who played Shilpa in the show, and went down memory lane with the actress. 

Talking to us exclusively, Urvashi said, "It feels awesome that Dekh Bhai Dekh is being re-telecast but I also wish it would have been remade. In fact, there have been many trails and errors but nothing materialised. However, if a remake ever happens, it has to be with us only, boss. We are no less. The way daily soaps have the time leap, which is quite a famous pattern these days, our comeback with Dekh Bhai Dekh will be an original leap. I am excited that millennial will get to see such an iconic show which has been a trend-setter in the industry. It was the first show to be shot in a multi-cam set up. It was a huge production, with Jaya ji producing it and Anand Mahendru directing it. I feel privileged that I was part of it."

Urvashi also shares how the whole unit waited for her as she used to finish her school and reach the set. "I have such amazing memories of the show which is unbelievable. I still remember I used to finish my school by 1-1:15 in the afternoon and then traveled in my school uniform, all the way to Chembur, as we used to shoot in RK studios. The crew would also wait patiently. The whole cast and crew was like one big family, off-screen also. I used to be the quiet one as I entered the show little late and by then everyone had made their strong rapport with each other. Bonds were already created but they all were very welcoming towards me," said Urvashi. 

TV world's original Komolika also spoke about her character and how it grew on people. Urvashi said, "Though I entered late in the show, funnily my character was discussed from the very first episode. It was like a build up ki ye kaun hai? I remember for my casting, Anand sir called me in his office and made me read some random lines and next day I started shooting. This show was and is an all-time favourite of many because it catered to all age group from 6 years to 60 years. We were the teens, then we had people in the 30s also. So, everyone watching the show could relate it to themselves." 


Talking about the casting of the show and the experience she had with them, Urvashi said, "It was one of the most perfect show. Working with actors like Sushma, Naveen, Bhavna, Shekhar Suman- who was one of the fabulous actors, was outstanding experience. I am happy with that all these shows are being telecast  because today's generation is getting to know how television was so good even at that time and has evolved." 

Urvashi ended the conversation with something very candid as she said she doesn't want to watch the reruns of Dekh BhaI Dekh with her sons. "They have watched a few episodes, which are available on YouTube but sitting with them and watching it together, I may feel funny (laughs)," concluded Urvashi. 

Image Source:- veethi, instagram/urvashidholakia9, cloudygirls