Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actress Sudha Chandran: "Joining Politics Has Always Been My Dream"

Ramola Sikand of Kahiin Kissii Roz and Sudha of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein gets real and says that she would love to do something for specifically-challenged people and she aspires to join politics, though maybe not directly

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actress Sudha Chandran: "Joining Politics Has Always Been My Dream"
Mumbai goes to polls on Monday, April 29. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Sudha, Sudha Chandran, is pretty buoyant. This actress is not one of those who will not cast their vote and prefer to treat the polling day as a mere holiday. Talking to, Sudha says, "I am definitely going to vote. It is my right and I am excited about it. I will be voting from Vile Parle East  in Mumbai. I want to tell my fans that this is their fundamental right and nobody should lose it. We are electing our people for our benefit and one vote can play a major role. Don't get influenced by anyone. And, please vote wisely and don't waste your vote by selecting NOTA (None Of The Above)."

Chandran, who became a household name as Ramola Sikand when she did Ekta Kapoor's Kaahin Kissii Roz (from 2001-2004), hints that she does not rule out politics becoming an integral part of her life in years to follow, "Joining politics has always been my dream. And I would definitely love to do something for the specially-challenged people. That is one section that is being ignored in politics and that constitutes a sizeable amounts of votes. I personally want to take up a lot of issues faced by specially-challenged people, to the government. God willing I will be moving in that direction--- but for now, I don't know when and how? I always believe that whenever I think of something strongly, destiny starts moving me in that direction. So,  I am keeping my fingers crossed."

Chandran does not necessarily see herself as someone who would like to garner votes for herself and elevate into a high-ministerial level. 
"I don't need things to be on my manifesto- because I am very clear that I don't have that expertise and experience like other political leaders. But as I already mentioned, I will do something for specially challenged for people who see me as a maseeha. I have gone through the turmoil, so I can connect to such people. I would love to present their views, issues, ideologies and problems to the government. I can be a voice who can speak on behalf of them."

What does she see as India's main problem? "The most prevelant issue that has to be tackled is terrorism. It has to be stopped. Another issue, I think, that should be tackled is solidarity. I feel the solidarity of our country is very important. All politicians should think wisely before making any statements as we are putting our ownselves down internationally, which is so sad," Chandran signs off.