Arshi Khan Breaks Silence On Vikas Gupta, Rohit Suchanti And Her ‘Strong’ Bond With Shilpa Shinde

Here’s Arshi Khan’s exclusive chat with wherein the Bigg Boss 11 contestant talks about being furious with Vikas Gupta, her equation with Shilpa Shinde and why she termed Rohit Suchanti as ‘dirt’

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Arshi Khan Breaks Silence On Vikas Gupta, Rohit Suchanti And Her ‘Strong’ Bond With Shilpa Shinde
Bigg Boss 11 fame Arshi Khan has made some shocking statements about Vikas Gupta while speaking to a YouTube channel. She accused the producer of taking away her work and using his connections inappropriately. got in touch with the starlet for an extensive conversation. Excerpts from the conversation that followed.

Are you upset with Vikas Gupta?
Of course. He has given me a lot of reasons to be upset.

You said Vikas snatched work from you... 
I will still say the same. Not once but twice. I was almost finalised by Colors TV for Khatron Ke Khiladi 9. I received a confirmation mail from the channel and his name wasn't even mentioned in the list.  I was extremely excited, but, at last moment, I got to know that I have been thrown out and they have taken Vikas Gupta on-board. I tried to find out why the change happened and you will be surprised to know that he was the reason behind makers taking the step. The next time, I was about to enter Bigg Boss 12 as a wild card and he sent Rohit Suchanti instead. He is maahir at doing these things.

He was sent back from Khatron Ke Khiladi 9?
Jaisi karni waisi bharni.

Are you making these statements to support Shilpa Shinde in her war of words with him? 
Not at all. She is a true friend. But, I also have had bad experiences with this man. 


Shilpa said Vikas made her sit at home. Is it true?
She is a senior actress and an amazing person by heart. If she is saying this, it's true. She never lies.  I also respect her a lot.  

You had a good bond with Vikas Gupta in Season 11. Why has this equation changed?
I tried my best to maintain the same. But after coming out Vikas maintained distance probably fearing that I will ask him for work. Inshaallah, I am talented enough to get work and I am doing great in my career without his help. Vikas Gupta hi bacha tha kaam mangne ke liye?


Your bond with Shilpa Shinde is going stronger by the day... 
Touchwood. We are close since we were locked inside Bigg Boss 11 house although people like Vikas Gupta tried their level best to separate us.  In fact, they keep trying to do it now also, but I am glad they have always failed. 

Shilpa Shinde mocked Karanvir Bohra’s wife Teejay Sidhu’s open letter and we saw you supporting her. Why?
Whatever she wrote was not wrong. Bigg Boss is a house where no matter how big a celebrity you are, Salman Khan will slam you if you do wrong. At the same time, he will tease the contestants to lighten the mood of Weekend Ka Vaar. Hence, post one such session if Teejay decides to write an open letter, it will not be met with much seriousness. If Shilpa cracked a joke on the same, what’s the big deal? 


You called Rohit Suchanti ‘dirt’ and indirectly Vikas Gupta too... 
Yes why not?  Rohit played extremely dirty on the show. Despite being the youngest in the house, he used to keep disrespecting all the elders. And my ishara was towards Vikas Gupta; after all, he is his mentor.

When are we seeing you next?
Very soon, you will see me acting again. Can't disclose much as I am not allowed to reveal anything.

Image source:- hightlightindia/instagram/shilpashinde