Bewafa Tera Muskurana Actress Akanksha Puri On Co-Star Himansh Kohli: ‘His Songs Are Working But Ladkiyan Kahin Nahi Mil Rahi Isey’-EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

In a fun conversation, Bewafa Tera Muskurana stars Himansh Kohli and Akanksha Puri get candid about finally romancing each other on screen, their connection to Jubin and Kashmir, memories from the shoot and more

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Bewafa Tera Muskurana Actress Akanksha Puri On Co-Star Himansh Kohli: ‘His Songs Are Working But Ladkiyan Kahin Nahi Mil Rahi Isey’-EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
Himansh Kohli might have been away from the big screen for a while, but the actor has been enjoying success in the music video field. After having two successful videos this year already, he was recently seen in Bewafa Tera Muskurana opposite Akanksha Puri. The song is sung by Jubin Nautiyal and the video is shot in Kashmir.

In an exclusive conversation with, Himansh and Akanksha get candid about finally romancing each other, their connection to Jubin and Kashmir, memories from the shoot and more. Read excerpts from the interview:

Q: Himansh and Akanksha, you previously worked together on the video of Main Jis Din Bhulaa Du, but with Bewafa Tera Muskurana, you finally got to romance each other on screen. How was that experience?
A: Akanksha: I am very glad I got to romance Himansh this time. Last time I was a director and he was an actor. But this time I got the full opportunity to romance him and I didn’t waste it at all. We had super fun for four days romancing each other.

I gave a wink to Himansh at the end of Main Jis Din Bhulaa Du, like let’s meet in the next video and I think that has kind of worked and continued.

Q: Himansh, as for you, you have been romancing three different girls in three videos this year already. Your career seems to be heading in a good direction that way…
A: Himansh - The career has been going on for long but music videos seem to be working more for me.

Akanksha - The songs are working but ladkiyaan kahin nahi mil rahi Himansh ko. Bewafaiyon pe bewafaiyan kar rahe hain.

Himansh - This is the magic of Jubin and our amazing director who don’t feel happy seeing me with a girl (Laughs). Main aakhir mein bichad hi jaata hun

Q: Talking about that, you have played the lovelorn aashiq for so many videos, is this inspiration from some real-life experience or a lesson for life in future?
A: Akanksha - In real life, it will never happen that Himansh won’t get a girl (Laughs).

Himansh - I don’t know. These are just different stories and I just go and shoot for them without thinking much about it. I am just an actor and I love being in front of the camera.

Q: Akanksha, this was your first time shooting in Kashmir, but Himansh, you have had good personal memories here and now with the success of your last song, good professional memories as well. So, how was it going back to the Kashmir valleys?
A: Akanksha - This was the first time I saw green Kashmir. Usually when I went to Kashmir, it was all white and filled with snow. So, this is the first time we showed the audience the green Kashmir. A lot of people had even asked if this was indeed Kashmir. We shot the video in the month of June and at four different locations. A lot of hard work went into it, but the song was so beautiful and so was the location. Along with it, Jubin’s voice and Himansh, what else could I have asked for.

Himansh - I was just thinking two days back about it that how there was a time in my life where I was so desperate to shoot in Kashmir. I would ask everyone to take me there for shooting, but jab upar wala deta hai chappad faad ke deta hai. Now I am getting such amazing songs and equally amazing people to work with, and to add to that, the response has been so amazing. So just fingers crossed, prabhu jo aa raha hai, chalate raho.

Q: Both of you seem to have a good connect with Jubin’s voice. His voice seems like your lucky charm…
A: Akanksha - Jubin himself is lucky for us. Me, Jubin and Himansh share a special bond. We are good friends and we come a long way. I have known him since Chitthi. There is a lucky magic in his voice and I think we should keep associating with him, and when Jubin is there, Akanksha and Himansh hone hi chahiye saath mein. Hattrick to banti hai.

Himansh - Apart from these, Jubin and I have had two tracks in my films as well and they worked well too. I feel there is some soul connect between us from a long time that our collaboration works each time. But the credit has to be given to Jubin as it is the magic of his voice, his way of expressing through his voice that makes the songs special. We put in a lot of hard work shooting for the music videos but it’s his voice, his singing that deserves a 100 on 100.

Q: Now, I want to know from both of you what is the best and worst quality about the other person?
A: Akanksha - The best thing about Himansh is that he is an amazing actor, an amazing artiste. So, I know how a scene will turn out when I am working with him. It’s like a give and take, also we share a special bond as he is a very good friend of mine.

However, the worst thing about him is that he is too indulged and occupied with his phone. Even after the shot is done, he is involved in this other shoot of his, the digital content that he creates. So, he is always occupied and that is something I don’t like about him. He doesn’t have time even after the shot is cut. He is always shooting.

Himansh - I always have time for you (Smiles). However, If I don’t shoot digital content, Bhushan ji will scream at me that humne shoot ke alawa kuch kiya hi nahi wahaan pe.

Akanksha - T-series ke ek song ke budget mein ye apna bhi shoot karke aa gaye. He is very smart to use the opportunity for his own digital channel. Mauke ka faayda badi smartly ye nikaal lete hain (Laughs).

Himansh -  The best thing about Akanksha is that she entertains a lot. She won’t let you get bored at all. Whereas the worst thing is that even if you are not in the mood, she is still talking so much. Sometimes you just feel like telling her to stay quiet.

Q: Is there any special memory from this shoot that you can share?
A: Akanksha - There are a lot of memories but there is a bike ride sequence in the song of us that is very special to me. Himansh hadn’t rode bike as much, by what he told me, and even I haven’t sat on a lot of bikes, but he gave me an amazing bike ride in such beautiful valleys. It was like a drone shot that we were taking and I enjoyed it a lot. I was telling Himansh that we should do that again sometime. Also, Chappu bahut chalaye hain inhone and he has come back with pumped up biceps.

Himansh - Chappu chalane ki training jo ho gayi hai meri itni (Laughs). I feel like I have been announced as the Shikara brand ambassador in Kashmir. I think it’s a good side business for me to buy some shikaras over there and put them in business with the name of Himansh Shikaras.  

Akanksha - I think I heard that there is one Shikara on Dal lake with his name as well.

Himansh - It’s that person whose shikara we rowed and shot with in Wafa Na Raas Aayee. He has put our pictures in it, and I got to know that now many people want to ride that. The song got very famous there and it has piqued the interest of people there to ride it.

Q: So, what does both of your future line up look like?
A: Akanksha - There is a lot of work that I am doing on OTT. After this three-year break from TV, now that I have entered OTT, I am exploring a lot and loving every part of it. I am glad that OTT happened for all us actors. I have Inspector Avinash with Randeep Hooda for Jio, an Amazon project with Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik and another Netflix project, Country Mafia. All my roles in them are very different so I am very excited for all of them.

Himansh - My line up is pretty sorted and there are a lot of things coming up. I can’t talk much about them but whatever is happening, it’s happening really well. After a really long time, I relate to that phrase, ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’. 

Image source: Instagram/kohlihimansh