Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra's Girlfriend Akanksha Puri's BOLD TALK: 'Maza Aata If His Ex Pavitra Punia Was Locked Inside With Him'

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra's girlfriend Akanksha Puri is a bold woman. She says she would have had no qualms if Paras' ex-girlfriend Pavitra Punia was locked inside with him. FYI, we had broken the story to you about Pavitra being approached for the show

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Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra's Girlfriend Akanksha Puri's BOLD TALK: 'Maza Aata If His Ex Pavitra Punia Was Locked Inside With Him'
TV actor Paras Chhabra is one of the contenders for the Bigg Boss trophy, this season. On the very first episode (aired last night), we saw him grabbing eyeballs with his flamboyant personality, while also having an argument with model Asim Riaz. We have spoken to his girlfriend Akanksha Puri EXCLUSIVELY whom we saw in Madhur Bhandarkar's Calendar Girls and then on Sony TV's Vighnaharta Ganesh. Akanksha drops a bomb that she would've loved to see Paras' ex-flame Pavitra Punia with Paras inside the house!

Excerpts from the conversation:

Did you go to drop Paras in Bigg Boss 13 house? 
Yes, but I dropped him outside only.
paras 1

There is a reason behind that, which you will get to see with time. I am not allowed to disclose it now. 

Before getting in, we hear that Paras removed your name tattooed on his thumb?
No, why would he do that? We are very much together and he has gone inside with my name on his hand. 

Paras is surrounded by many girls. Is that making you jealous or insecure?
No, in fact it's making me feel proud and nice. I am with a guy who is in so much demand.. And the kind of personality he has agar ladkiyan uske aage peeche nahin hongi to laanat hai aisi personality pe (laughs). I want him to be surrounded with girls, so that if everybody will love him, he will get highlighted and come out as a winner. 
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What if he flirts with someone inside?
He has a strong personality and I am sure that girls will love him. Probably someone may give her heart to him. He has a different game and I am sure he will be successful in all what he has in his mind. He has already won a reality show (Splitsvilla 5), so he definitely knows how to play his cards very well. Actually before him getting in, we had long conversation. I am sure you will call me many a times during his journey in BB 13. He has lot to unfold inside.

Please continue...
Right from his styling to his clothes, haircut, bags, shoes everything has been decided by me. And now also when he is in, I have to co-ordinate with his team and send him stuff every 15 days. I will make sure that he looks the best. We planned his look very different for the show. And he completely trusts me on that. Now, I am taking care of even his house in his absence. 

paras pavitra

BB is a house of controversies. Were you a tad reluctant to let him go?
We were in China celebrating his birthday this year and Colors was constantly calling him for the show. They were trying to take him on board last year too but due to other work commitments,  he couldn't take up BB.
Paras' ex, Pavitra Punia was also supposed to participate this season but she backed out after learning that Paras is part of it... 
I have no clue about that. But if she would have participated mujhe to bada maza aata as an audience. I don't know her much in personal life. And I don't give importance to a 4-month rebound. What I have heard about her is that she is a loud personality. And to see such a person locked inside with my boyfriend would have been fun. It's a case of entertainment lost.

It's just a day and Paras already had an argument with Asim Riaz over Mahira Sharma. How do you see the whole incident?
Paras is very upfront. He will say the truth on your face and will always have an honest opinion. So I was kind of expecting this from him in his early days itself in BB. If he would've ignored Asim, I would have been extremely surprised. Paras  is aggressive and loud too. But overall, he is not the one who will calculate and react just because cameras are around. He is not the one who will manipulate. So his fights inside are going to be pretty cool for me. 

Paras 4

Parting shot: Who do you think comes closest to Paras in competition?
Paras is the strongest among the boys this season, not even Sidharth Shukla comes close to him.

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