Bigg Boss 13: Umar Riaz On Asim's Marriage Proposal To Himanshi Khurana, ‘My Brother Should Control His Emotions, He’s Too Young’- EXCLUSIVE

Himanshi Khurana has re-entered Bigg Boss 13 and Asim Riaz is over the moon. He went down on his knees and proposed to the lady and she accepted it. So, this was the right time to talk to his brother Umar who has some words of advice for his younger brother

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Bigg Boss 13: Umar Riaz On Asim's Marriage Proposal To Himanshi Khurana, ‘My Brother Should Control His Emotions, He’s Too Young’- EXCLUSIVE
Himanshi Khurana broke up with her boyfriend of 9 years and has now re-entered Bigg Boss 13 in the family week to support Asim Riaz. As soon as Asim saw Himanshi, his happiness knew no bounds and he even went down on his knees and proposed her for marriage. A glowing Himanshi said 'Yes'.

So, this was the right time to chat with Asim's brother Umar who has some words of advice for his younger brother. Here are the excerpts from our conversation with Umar Riaz:

Firstly, tell us why Himanshi Khurana entered the house for Asim Riaz and not you in this ongoing family week?
They approached me first but they hadn't given me any confirmation at the time. Eventually, I think it was a creative decision to send her. 
Were you aware that Himanshi is re-entering the show for Asim?
The channel told me that they are not sending me inside, but they didn't reveal who would it be.
So then, how did you discover about Himanshi going in?
I had an instinct that if not me, the makers may probably want her to go. So, I called her up to ask. 

She confirmed. 
Did you give her suggestions that could help strengthen your brother’s game?
I told Himanshi to tell Asim that he is on the right track. Also, his friendship with Rashami Desai, Vishal Aditya Singh and Shehnaaz Gill is very good. Since I know she has a past with Shehnaaz, I requested her to not do anything which distances the four. They are a strong group now so let them play the way they are headed.
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I also told her that we want you to be with him the way you were before. In spite of having feelings for each other, they never got cozy or crossed their limits. And my family wants her to maintain the same line because there are people inside who are doing things for publicity which doesn't look good on screen as our families watch Bigg Boss. The two should control their emotions.
Did Asim’s proposal to Himanshi on National Television come as a surprise to you?
It was very surprising. I knew he will get excited seeing her, but I never expected that he would go down on his knees to propose her for marriage. I think he is too young for marriage but he is not realising that. He has done this out of excitement maybe, but it is just the start of his career which he will surely realise once he comes out of the show. (Pauses)

Go on…
I feel somewhere he has taken Salman Sir's words too seriously because he had told him that Himanshi’s break-up happened because of him. Asim is a sensitive and emotional guy and I think that's why he has gone to this extent for Himanshi. 
How has your family taken to this?
I don't think they want him to get married at this moment. He should focus on his career more than thinking of settling down right now. We don't care whom he is marrying but not right now for sure. Being the elder one, I am still trying to figure out my life. I am sure he will also realise the same. 
Are you going to explain this to Asim?
I think once he comes out of Bigg Boss 13 and gets those opportunities, he would realize it by himself. Right now, his career has started off on a bigger platform. He is locked inside, so his mind is not working towards this aspect.


There have been talks that Himanshi left her boyfriend and accepted Asim’s proposal looking at his popularity…
I don't want to comment on that but I personally feel such big decisions should not be taken on reality shows as you can't judge someone’s real personality. Sometimes, a person can be pretending and trying to look good. Everyone inside is making an effort to look good as it’s a show and people are watching, so you behave in a certain way. 
What if Asim and Himanshi are actually in love?
If they are actually serious about each other, then I want them to come out of the show, spend some quality time, test their decision and then come to a conclusion. I have no objection for Asim and Himanshi’s affinity for each other.

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