Khatron Ke Khiladi 11's Shweta Tiwari Confesses Health Issues Motivated Her For The Physical Transformation; Says, 'Having Abs Was Never My Goal'- EXCLUSIVE

Shweta Tiwari shares her journey of being fit than before in this exclusive interview with us. The actress is currently been seen on Khatron Ke Khiladi 11

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Khatron Ke Khiladi 11's Shweta Tiwari Confesses Health Issues Motivated Her For The Physical Transformation; Says, 'Having Abs Was Never My Goal'- EXCLUSIVE
Actor Shweta Tiwari who is seen as a contestant in the television reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 is not only surprising her fans with the her daredevil stunts but her overall physical transformation too. The actress who is in her late thirty's had a surprising transformation which many girls crave for. 

And now talking to exclusively, the actress has finally opened up on the reason behind her physical transformation, the diet plan she follows, and much more; 

What motivated you for a physical transformation?
Health issues motivated me to towards exercise because I had shoulder pain which needed little muscle strengthening and little workout and weight training. So, to fix that up, I started doing weight training and later on when I started seeing the results I felt like doing more. And that's how I am still doing it. 

Was it a difficult journey?
It's not only about the health or transformation of your body. Any goal to achieve in life is not easy. The journey of reaching a destination is always difficult. Especially when you have to put a lot into it. So it is the same with health transformation. 

How challenging was your journey?
Initially, when they give you lesser food in your diet or ask you to control on a few things. You are not able to control it immediately, especially for a person who eats a lot. Because your body doesn't accept it. It is not ready for so much hard work and keeps refusing it. 

In the process, have you ever felt like giving up?
When you are a beginner, de you yourself don't know what is your strength and how much capacity do you have. You do a little bit of exercise and feel that you have worked hard and then sometimes in enthusiasm, you do so much of the workout that you end up hurting yourself. So that's what even I did.

Did you get hurt?
There were many times when I went on hurting my back, leg and knee. Because of this, I couldn't work out for a few days. After which I also realized everything is not possible in one single day. Slowly and gradually you will achieve it.

What is the one thing you will suggest to those who aspire to have a body like you?
Even when you are busy, you have to take out some time to work out. Like if I am keeping busy with my shooting for 4-5 days and have no time to exercise I still come home and do my squats. I avoid taking a lift for a few floors. This is also a great exercise. So basically I don't leave a single day without exercising. And you need to have that dedication. 

Have you been following any diet also to keep your health maintained?
I eat what sports nutritionist doctor Kinita suggests. Even today I follow her diet and that is very important. With her diet plan, one thing I have understood is that you have to eat everything. Because eating food is important and your body needs every kind of food. But yes, you cannot have junk food. You have to stop eating that. Cheat days are ok but that also doesn't mean you eat everything junk. 

What would you like to say to the people who feel losing weight means being healthy?
When people meet me on road and say itne saal pehle I was just 54 but now I am 82. So can I go back to 54? I feel surprised. When I was born I was 2.5 kg but I can't be 2.5kg now right. It is not important how much you lose, what is important is you are active and not getting tired easily. That shows how healthy you are that is what is important. 

Having abs is in trend these days. Did you also follow the trend?
Having six-pack abs or four-pack abs is secondary. I was not looking for any kind of abs or thin waist, it happened gradually in the process. But my target was never to have abs or get thinner. My only target was to make my muscles strong and get healthy which has happened.

What difference do you feel from within other than looks?
Earlier I used to feel very lethargic. There was no charm on my face. I was losing everything so that's when I started working out. Today I don't even put on makeup before going out and I feel fit and fresh every day. 

Image Source: Instagram/shweta.tiwari