Shehnaaz Gill's Suitor Mayur Verma On His Chemistry With Jasleen Matharu, Choosing Shivani Jha And Bigg Boss 14- EXCLUSIVE

Although Shenaaz Gill did not choose any of the boys in Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, yet there is someone who has no qualms about it. We spoke to Mayur Verma about the show, his bond with Jasleen Matharu and more

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Shehnaaz Gill's Suitor Mayur Verma On His Chemistry With Jasleen Matharu, Choosing Shivani Jha And Bigg Boss 14- EXCLUSIVE
Mayur Verma was one of the contestants on Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, who tired to win Shehnaaz Gill's heart but the Punjabi sensation broke all when she announced on finale, that her heart beats only for Sidharth Shukla. 

We got in touch with Mayur to know about the show. And also about his chemistry with Jasleen Matharu. Excerpts from the conversation below: 

Shehnaaz Gill chose Sidharth Shukla over you. Did it not pinch you?
Not at all. In fact, I am very happy with her decision. Since day one she kept it clear to all of us that 'hazar ladke bhi aa jaayenge, toh bhi Sidharth Shukla ki jagah nahi le paayenge'. And that's what she maintained till the finale. I really wish SidNaaz stay together forever.

Then what kept you motivated to be on the show?
Shehnaaz herself. She told us even if I have feelings for Sidharth Shukla, I want you all to give your hundred percent and make this show interesting. Similarly, she also used to participate with us equally in all the conversations and used to spend time with all of us without being partial to anyone.

You were close to Shehnaaz during the show, but how is the equation now?
Shehnaaz used to like me and always chose me as her connection. We are very good friends now and will always be. Her younger brother, Shehbaaz is like a brother to me.

Your closeness with Jasleen Matharu was discussed in the house many a times. What's was actually brewing between you guys?
Yes, our chemistry was discussed in the house because we were bonding really well. Although from my side, it was always pure friendship. Even if I have kissed her on her forehead, hugged her or held her hands, it was all out of friendship. But the girls who were locked inside to impress Paras, used to go and feed shit in his mind that Jasleen is here for Mayur and not you. But what I liked about her was, she took a stand for me and said I won't change my behaviour with Mayur, let people think what they want to.

If you guys had such a strong connection, what stopped you to choose each other?
If Jasleen would have stayed inside till finale episode, we would have surely come out as a couple. It was because she wasn't available, I chose Shivani Jha.

Why did you choose Shivani Jha?
I was noticing her from quite sometime and found her to be a very nice and sensible girl. So, when I had a chance to speak my heart out, I took her name. We are in touch with each other and if we feel we can take this relationship ahead, I will surely do that without a second thought.

You have been in a controversy before, for claiming that you are participating in Bigg Boss. Will we see you participating finally this time?
I have been offered the show three times before but as I was busy with other projects, I couldn't take it. But if this time they approach me, I would love to be a part of it and show the audience my other side too. Jaise Sidnaaz ki jodi bani thi waisi hi Mayur Verma kisike saath jodi banayega jise dekhkar duniya pagal ho jaayegi.

Image Source:- wallpapercave, instagram/mayurverma/bee_vani_/jasleenmatharu