Surbhi Rana Explodes: Sreesanth Need Not Teach Me How To Behave Like A Woman. I Know It!

Surbhi Rana wonders why Sreesanth lives in a gender-biased world. Read her EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. This Bigg Boss 12 gal is up for queries, when prodded

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Surbhi Rana Explodes: Sreesanth Need Not Teach Me How To Behave Like A Woman. I Know It!
Sreesanth-Surbhi Rana war is far from over. Last night, Sreesanth told us a few things that Colors did not telecast from Bigg Boss 12 house- like Surbhi holding Dipika Kakar's neck and Srishty Rode's hair. We got in touch with Surbhi, this afternoon.

The frank and forthcoming lady was definitely not amused by Sreesanth talking about her Bigg Boss 12 edited parts, but she said that she has taken it in her stride and won't brood over it. But why? We needed to ask that. And of course, we did. And of course, we asked lots more. Here are the excerpts from that conversation:

Sreesanth told us that you held Dipika Kakkar's neck and Srishty Rode's hair- but those portions weren't shown...
Oh God. Why is Sreesanth still living in Bigg Boss 12? I have come out and I really wouldn't like to continue to talk about it much. Bigg Boss 12 is over for me. I have respect for him. But since you insist, well, let me tell you that many things happened to every contestant that were not shown. 


Likewise to Sreesanth?

Go on...
The list is long, but I don't want to delve into it. Sreesanth has done many things which if I list, would also create a discussion. You know how upfront I am.

Sreesanth said that you are a wild person and should rather focus on your career. And then I recall from the show that he made that derogatory remark on you (is behaving like girls who stand at railways platforms after 11 pm). Did you feel like attacking him?
Who wouldn't? If anybody talks against your character, you too would. That gave me a lot of pain. I have a family. 

surbhi rana

I am not saying that I was right all the time. I happened to do things which were wrong but I fully corrected them in the show itself. I proved that I am looking ahead to a better life when I go out from the house.

I was really done with this and thought that he too is over with all this. But if he is still talking, I would like to tell him that he should rather look into his life and look ahead. There were people inside the house, who are higher than me...

Sorry to interrupt you but Sreesanth did say that you need to restrain your emotions when it comes to people who are higher than you. And by that, he meant himself. It was evident...
He commented on my woman dignity. 

sreesanth surbhi rana
Sreesanth & Surbhi Rana

He said that you should behave like a woman...
Yeah. But I know that I am a woman and how to behave like one. Nobody has to teach me what to do and what not to do. Sreesanth should meet more bold and opinionated women in his life. Today, men do consider women equal. I don't understand why Sreesanth had to play this card.

Maybe he was intimidated by you...
Might be. And then, insecurity creeps in. Ego does come in the way if you have a girl who has a mind of her own and puts forth her opinions strongly.

I was not a piece of cake who could be bossed by people. I proved myself right in every aspect, be it even in tasks.

But did you lose your temper and hold Dipika's neck and pull Srishty's hair?
Who doesn't lose his temper? Every person does at some point in his/her life. 

surbhi rana

But why get physical, err, violent?
(Interrupts) Nobody plans to get physical. It is only if a certain person is behaving in a certain way and you need to answer. Hota nahin hai- tu kya hai, tu kaun hai? I am a normal girl. I behave like people behave. I don't plan things. I do what i think is right. Haven't you seen fights at railway station? I can't be thinking, all the time, how I am connecting to others and reacting only in a certain way I am expected to.

Did you later tell Dipika and Srishty that you went overboard?
Obviously. With words.

I have said that to every person in the house. Why I apologised is because I later realised that I was wrong.

surbhi dipika
Surbhi Rana & Dipika Kakar

I am glad that you are not denying that the Dipika and Srishty incidents did happen with you...
Haan, ain't a human who is allowed to do mistakes? We all do mistakes, don't we?

Let's stop analysing others and dissect our own lives. The world will be a better place to live in.

You had said that you will greet him if and when you meet him...
I had only responded to a question that was put forward. What I want to only tell him is... (pauses).

(Laughs) Honestly I have no words.

sreesanth surbhi

Any advice to Sreesanth?
Open your mind, stop dissecting other people's lives, listen to other people, be accommodating and see life differently.

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