#BanTikTok Trends After CarryMinati's Nemesis Amir Siddiqui's Brother Throws Acid On A Girl In Viral Video

A video of Amir Siddiqui's brother promoting acid attack on TikTok goes viral. Netizens demand ban

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#BanTikTok Trends After CarryMinati's Nemesis Amir Siddiqui's Brother Throws Acid On A Girl In Viral Video
It's almost been a week since YouTube vs TikTok controversy kick-started. It all began when TikToker Amir Siddiqui made a video slamming YouTubers for using their videos to earn money on the video-sharing platform. Replying to his video, YouTuber Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar had put out a video slamming Amir Siddiqui and the other TikTokers left, right and centre for making cringe-worthy content. The controversy escalated when CarryMinati's video was taken down for apparently violating YouTube's Bullying and Harassment policy.

Minati’s YouTube vs TikTok video was set to break the record of becoming YT's most liked and most popular non-music video. As the YouTube vs TikTok controversy has taken over the social media and has divided the netizens into two, Amir Siddiqui's brother's cringe-worthy video had been doing the rounds on social media. A Twitter user has shared Amir’s brother’s video which sees him promoting an acid attack on the video-sharing platform.  

The user captioned the video, "This is Faizal Siddiqui, brother of  Amir Siddiqui. Promoting acid attack through his Tik Tok account and they call themselves Social Media influencer! this cringe activity is not called influencing but promoting crime. They are such a curse!!  #BanTiktok" Watch the video below:

Yesterday, Amir had taken to YT to give his reply to CarryMinati. In a video shared on YouTube by Team Nawab, titled ‘Amir Siddiqui reply to Carry’, the video’s motive is to spread peace and remove hate. As the video starts, Amir Siddiqui features in the video talking about Carry Minati’s roast video. In the video, Amir is seen saying, “Maine bhi yeh video dekha, maine bahut sportingly dekha,” kisiko pata hai Carry Minati ne roast kyun kiya?” “kyun maine woh IGTV video banaya tha?” (ALSO READ: TikTok Star Faisal Shaikh Gives It Back To CarryMinati; Denies Making Any Threatening Calls As #JusticeForCarry Trends)

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