Aagey Ki Zimmedaari Bhi Lo: Swara Bhasker MOCKS Jains Who Dressed Up As Muslims To Rescue Goats On Bakri Eid

Swara Bhasker taunts Jains who rescued goats on Bakri Eid dressed as Muslims, here's what the actress said about the incident

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Aagey Ki Zimmedaari Bhi Lo: Swara Bhasker MOCKS Jains Who Dressed Up As Muslims To Rescue Goats On Bakri Eid
Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker recently made headlines for criticizing a netizen who posted a 'proud vegetarian' message on Bakri Eid. She continued to stir controversy by addressing a group of Jains in Delhi who disguised themselves as Muslims to rescue goats from being slaughtered during the festival. Swara questioned what became of the goats after their rescue. Taking to her X handle late Wednesday, Swara posted, "I hope the goats have been adopted by the ‘rescuers’ and are being lovingly treated as cherished pets.. Rescue karna hai toh Aagey ki zimmedaari bhi lo!" She restricted replies under the post, but netizens shared her tweet and criticized her for mocking those who attempted to save lives. One user questioned, "Why is mockery being made out of someone's care for living beings?" Another added, "Life savers are better than life takers, be it any life." Swara also reshared a tweet suggesting that the Jains dressing as Muslims on Bakri Eid reflected "less religion, more Islamophobia."

Swara, who is married to Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmed, also shared a personal update on social media. On June 17, she posted photos of their daughter Raabiyaa celebrating her first Bakri Eid. Swara proudly mentioned that her "vegetarian parents" organized a lavish Eid feast for everyone. She wrote, "My vegetarian parents hosted the most sumptuous dinner and my friends came with blessings, warmth, and so many gifts for my baby girl. But most importantly with big hearts and with precious time."

Swara's posts highlight her outspoken nature and her willingness to address controversial topics. Her critique of the Jains' actions on Bakri Eid has sparked mixed reactions, reflecting the polarized opinions surrounding animal rights and religious practices. Meanwhile, her celebration of Raabiyaa's first Eid emphasizes the importance of family, tradition, and inclusivity, showcasing a more personal and joyful side of her life.

Swara's engagement with social issues and her candid sharing of personal moments continue to resonate with her audience, drawing both admiration and criticism. This dynamic interaction underscores the impact of public figures on social discourse and the varying interpretations of their actions and statements.

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