India’s SEBEX 2 Is A Newly Developed Super Powerful Non-Nuclear Bomb Two Times Lethal Than A TNT – Read To Know BELOW

SEBEX 2 is a revolution in defense technology as it is India's non-nuclear bomb with two times destructive than a TNT

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India’s SEBEX 2 Is A Newly Developed Super Powerful Non-Nuclear Bomb Two Times Lethal Than A TNT – Read To Know BELOW
India has achieved a significant milestone in defence technology with the successful development of SEBEX 2, the country's most powerful non-nuclear bomb. Developed by Nagpur-based Solar Industries, SEBEX 2 is twice as lethal as standard TNT (Trinitrotoluene), marking a major step towards indigenization in the defense sector. This new explosive formulation is expected to revolutionize artillery shells and warheads by significantly enhancing their destructive power without increasing their weight.

SEBEX 2 was tested under the Defence Export Promotion Scheme of the Navy, according to Economic Times. Solar Industries, through its subsidiary Economic Explosive Limited (EEL), has developed three new explosive formulations. These new formulations are poised to be game-changers for the armed forces, providing a substantial boost in firepower and explosive effect. SEBEX 2, in particular, offers a much more powerful blast effect than any currently available solid explosive.

EEL officials explained that conventional explosives like DENTEX/TORPEX, which are used in standard warheads, aerial bombs, and various types of ammunition, have a TNT equivalence of 1.25-1.30. The TNT equivalence measure indicates an explosive’s performance, with higher equivalence translating to greater destructive power. SEBEX 2, developed under the 'Make in India' initiative, is based on high-melting explosives (HMX), making it significantly more potent.

Furthermore, Solar Industries is working on another variant of the explosive, anticipated to have an explosive power rated at 2.3 times that of TNT. This new variant is expected to be ready within six months. In addition to SEBEX 2, the Indian Navy has also certified other advanced explosives developed by EEL. SITBEX 1, the first thermobaric explosive from EEL, generates an extended blast duration with intense heat, making it ideal for targeting enemy bunkers, tunnels, and other fortified positions. Another certified munition, SIMEX 4, is safer than standard explosives in terms of storage, transportation, and handling. This makes it particularly suitable for use in torpedo warheads on submarines, where safety is paramount.

The development and certification of these advanced explosives underscore India's progress in self-reliance in defense technology, promising enhanced firepower and safety for the armed forces.

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