Karol G FALLS From Stairs Mid-Performance At Miami Concert, Twitter Says She ‘F**ked Herself Up’

A video of Karol G falling down from the stairs at a concert in Miami soon went viral on Twitter.

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Karol G FALLS From Stairs Mid-Performance At Miami Concert, Twitter Says She ‘F**ked Herself Up’
Singer Karol G suffered one of the hardest falls during a concert in Miami on Friday, November 27.

The Colombian singer was performing in a packed FTX Arena and while she tried to make her way downstage, she slipped and fell down a flight of stairs on the stage. However, she stood right back up after a background dancer rushed in to check on her.   

Meanwhile, the video of Karol G falling down from the stairs soon went viral on Twitter as social media users worried about her well-being. The artist was performing her hit number ‘Ahora Me Llama’ in front of a sold-out crowd at FTX Arena while the unfortunate incident happened.

In the now-viral video, Karol G can be seen performing her hit-number when she accidentally tripped down the stairs. a background dancer is seen rushing to check on the crooner as she gets right back up to continue the show.

Shortly after the event, the ‘Secreto’ hitmaker took to Instagram stories to reveal the ordeal she suffered at the FTX Arena, sharing how she got injured while showing her bruises on the shoulders. She also suffered a minor injury in the ankle.

Karol G, in another Instagram story also showed how she broke her nails after she fell down in the middle of her concert. 

Following the incident, a slew of worrying netizens rushed to Twitter, expressing their concerns about the unfortunate accident.  

“Karol G really f**d herself up with that fall glad she ok but sis fell hard’, said one worried fan as another chimed in, “If you’re not gonna fall for me the way Karol G fell of that stage mid performance don’t even fall for me at all.” The next one shared, “Yo thattt fall Karol G took s**t looked painful af.”

Meanwhile, one user tweeted, “IDK too much of Karol G but she a f**kin bada** for getting right back up after that scary fall what a queen.” Another shared, “Karol G reminding us you fall, you process it for a second, then you shake your sexy hair out and get back at it like a boss.” 

One added, “That fall of karol g was really very serious, she hit a very strong blow, but she was lip-syncing.” And, one concluded, “Karol G’s fall was really bad I’m surprised she didn’t get seriously hurt.”

The 30-year-old singer is yet to release an official statement following the incident. 

Karol’s latest concert in Miami was part of her Bichota Tour that kicked off on October 27 in Denver. She will be next performing in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Image Source: Instagram/karolg