Kim Kardashian Unfollows Miley Cyrus On Instagram After Her NYE Gig With Pete Davidson, Fans Suspect Kim Is INSECURE

Kim Kardashian has apparently unfollowed Miley Cyrus days after she hit the stage with Pete Davidson to welcome the new year.

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Kim Kardashian Unfollows Miley Cyrus On Instagram After Her NYE Gig With Pete Davidson, Fans Suspect Kim Is INSECURE
New drama seems to be unfolding shortly after Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s New Year’s Eve gig for NBC in Miami on Friday, December 31. The duo surely had a gala time, but, Pete’s new flame Kim Kardashian doesn’t particularly seem to be happy about his budding friendship with Hannah Montana star. 

The SKIMS founder has apparently unfollowed the ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker days after the duo hit the stage to welcome the new year.

The recent report comes after Miley Cyrus fan page first broke the news revealing that the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star has unfollowed Miley on the photo-sharing app.

Well, this of course invited a lot of trolls on social media, and many users mocked Kim for being insecure about Pete. A few others also trolled the social media star for apparently getting jealous when Pete and Miley share nothing but a close friendship.

Kim’s recent move won a lot of flak but social media seems divided as a user pointed out, “Not the girls fighting over a man that looks like dust in the corner of a dog kennel”. Another said, “I honestly see Pete & Miley as a better couple. Kim probably does too, so ofc she ain’t havin none of it.” One user asserted, “I don’t think Miley would date him since she’s friends with ariana? this was probably business.”

The next one shared, “She better not start her s**t cause I don’t play when it comes to Miley Cyrus. I’m gonna my girl Kim to karm down”, as one individual tweeted, “Imagine being THIS insecure about a guy who isn’t even cute, que fim, caras, que fim.” Another added, “Who had a miley vs kim feud on their 2022 bingo.” 

Meanwhile, one user tweeted, “Kim and Miley been planned this.. let’s be real. When Miley was at her house last year they planned everything out. Kim needs hype for her show , Miley needs hype for her music.” And, one concluded, “Kim & Miley can do so much better than Pete tbh.”

The recent comments come after a fan account with the name of Miley Edition ensued chaos on social media after it revealed that Kim took the effort to unfollow Miley on Instagram. 

Miley Cyrus shared several posts with Pete Davidson in the last few days giving a glimpse to her massive 157 million followers on Instagram what behind the scenes and during the gig. 

The NBC special saw Miley and Pete teaming up to perform a version of Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ while also hosting the live stream party together.

Image Source: Instagram/kimkardashian