OMG! Ankit Tiwari STOPS His Concert Midway After Cameraman Faints On Stage, Singer Reaches Out For His Aid - WATCH

Ankit Tiwari rushed to his cameraman who fainted on stage during the singer's live performance, take a look at the viral video below

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OMG! Ankit Tiwari STOPS His Concert Midway After Cameraman Faints On Stage, Singer Reaches Out For His Aid - WATCH
Renowned singer Ankit Tiwari recently demonstrated his compassionate nature when he rushed to aid his cameraman, who collapsed on stage during a live performance. The incident occurred in the midst of a concert, and Ankit did not hesitate to halt his performance to ensure his team member's well-being before resuming the show.

A video capturing this moment has since gone viral on the internet. In the video, the cameraman is seen standing behind Ankit while he performs his hits for the audience. Suddenly, the cameraman fainted, prompting Ankit to immediately stop singing and rush to his side. Concerned for his colleague, Ankit called for water and ensured that the cameraman was attended to before he was escorted away by other members of the team. This timely and caring response garnered widespread praise from netizens. Comments on the video included sentiments like "Ankit Tiwari is a gem," and "Hope he is alright now," reflecting the public's admiration for Ankit's quick action.

Ankit Tiwari is best known for his chart-topping songs such as "Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu" from Aashiqui 2, "Galliyan" from Ek Villain, and "Tu Hai Ki Nahi" from Roy. His concerts are frequently sold out, with audiences eagerly enjoying his hit numbers. Beyond his performances, Ankit has shared insightful views on the music industry. In an interview with the Free Press Journal, he lamented the loss of originality and charm in today's music. 

He reflected on his own entry into the industry, expressing gratitude for the timing and influence of legendary composer A. R. Rahman. Ankit cited Rahman's compositions for Taal as transformative for him personally. He also expressed his admiration for the original albums of Devdas and Jannat, highlighting their unique impact on him as an artist. Ankit criticized the current trend in music, noting a homogenization of style and sound, which he feels diminishes the distinctiveness that once defined the industry.

Ankit Tiwari's recent act of kindness on stage, coupled with his insightful perspectives on music, not only reinforces his talent as a singer but also his character as a person who deeply cares about his team and the integrity of his craft.

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