Prasanth Varma's 'Rejection' Tweet Was Not For Ranveer Singh! Filmmaker Issues Clarification For His Crptic Message

Prasanth Varma clears the air about his recent 'Rejection' tweet revealing that it wasn't a jibe at Ranveer Singh as many misinterpreted

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Prasanth Varma's 'Rejection' Tweet Was Not For Ranveer Singh! Filmmaker Issues Clarification For His Crptic Message
Filmmaker Prasanth Varma recently addressed the controversy surrounding his social media post about 'rejections,' which many speculated was a dig at actor Ranveer Singh. Prasanth clarified that his post was not aimed at any individual, but rather a reflection on his personal journey in the film industry. To provide some context, Prasanth and Ranveer were initially set to collaborate on the film "Rakshas," but they parted ways due to creative differences. Amid the ensuing speculations, Prasanth shared a cryptic note on his X account about 'rejection.' The note read, "One day you realise every rejection was a blessing in disguise." This led netizens to believe that the post was directed at Ranveer following his exit from "Rakshas." However, Prasanth clarified in a report by the Hindustan Times that the post was simply meant to inspire people and was not targeted at anyone. ALSO READ: Prasanth Varma Takes A Jibe At Ranveer Singh After His Departure From Rakshas With THIS Cryptic Tweet? Here's What We Know! 


Prasanth explained his intentions behind the post, saying, "It was a very generic feeling I had, and I thought about posting it." He shared that his message was inspired by his own experiences of facing rejections early in his career, which eventually led to the creation of his successful film, "Hanu-Man." "Had people not rejected me in my initial years, I wouldn’t have ended up making 'Hanu-Man.' I was feeling grateful because had I done any of the films that I had previously pitched to other actors, 'Hanu-Man' would have never happened. I try to put up posts to inspire people. That sentence is almost like a quote from which anyone can take inspiration. But on social media only 10 per cent, I think, got inspired and the remaining 90 per cent are trying to (baselessly) connect the dots," Prasanth elaborated. ALSO READ: Mirzapur Season 3 Trailer OUT! Ali Fazal’s Guddu Bhaiya Goes On Beast Mode; Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen Bhaiya Makes A Dashing Return – WATCH 

He further expressed his frustration with the misinterpretations that often arise from social media posts, saying, "I hadn’t posted anything because whatever you post gets interpreted in a number of ways and you cannot control it. A lot of times I don’t post anything [out of the fear] of being misinterpreted."

Despite the rumors and speculations, Prasanth confirmed that he is still in touch with Ranveer and that they maintain a cordial relationship. This clarification aims to put to rest any misunderstandings about his intentions and underscores his genuine effort to inspire others through his experiences. Prasanth's reflections on rejection highlight the importance of perseverance and gratitude for the challenges that shape one's journey, a message he hopes will resonate positively with his audience.

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