Queen Elizabeth To Step Down From The Throne? Get To Know The Truth Here

Will Queen Elizabeth II step down from her throne and who will take over the throne, next? Keep reading to know the truth

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Queen Elizabeth To Step Down From The Throne? Get To Know The Truth Here
There were reports of Queen Elizabeth II retiring from her post, these reports were further strengthened when it was announced that the Queen is cancelling all her public appearances till winter amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The reports also stated that the Queen is all set to appoint a member of the Royal family to take over the responsibility to serve the country. Thus, making Prince Charles the deserving one and according to the hierarchy as well the next one to take over the throne.

The above report was published by OK! as per inside sources. This publication also mentioned that though the queen feels her grandson is more eligible to take her place, Charles is the one according to the monarchy. A source of this publication was quoted saying, “The queen adores her grandson, but feels Charles is equally willing to lead the monarchy and perfectly willing.” The tabloids also claimed of queen soon to be naming Prince William as King.

Rest of the happenings in the Royal family which added fuel to the fire was Queen’s second son Prince Andrew stepping down from his royal duties after he had allegations against him for sexual abuse and his connection with Jeffrey Epstein. In the recent past, Prince Charles was detected of COVID-19 and went into isolation in Scotland and lastly her grandson Prince Harry with his wife Meghan Markle too stepping down from their royal duties.

However, like always when Gossip Cop going into investigating about it cleared of this being bogus and no truth to it. As neither Queen Elizabeth II is stepping down from her throne, nor is she selecting her successor, as it is legally not possible. ALSO READ: Here's Why Meghan Markle - Prince Harry Did Not Send Out A Social Media Wish On Queen Elizabeth's 94th Birthday

Image Source: Instagram/queenelizabethiiuk