Sania Mirza REVEALS What Changed Her From Being An Emotional Person, Post Her Separation From Shoaib Malik After His 3rd Marriage

Sania Mirza opens up about her thoughts after her divorce from Shoaib Malik post his third marriage with Sana Javed

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Sania Mirza REVEALS What Changed Her From Being An Emotional Person, Post Her Separation From  Shoaib Malik After His 3rd Marriage
Sania Mirza, a distinguished tennis player from India, has long been a source of national pride, captivating fans with her remarkable skills on the court. Her personal life, too, has been of considerable interest, especially her marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010. In 2018, the couple welcomed their son, Izhaan, bringing joy to their lives. However, in 2023, rumours began to circulate about troubles in their marriage. Although neither Sania nor Shoaib publicly addressed these issues, Sania's cryptic social media posts fueled speculation about the state of their relationship. ALSO READ: ‘Jhailo Mein Shaadi Kar Li’: Sania Mirza’s Act On Kapil Sharma’s Show Leaves Fans Shocked; Netizens Say, ‘No Shoaib Malik Was Harmed’ 

The situation took a dramatic turn when Shoaib Malik announced his marriage to Sana Javed, a move that shocked both nations. Sania did not respond directly to the news, but her sister issued a statement on her behalf, and her father revealed that Sania had taken khula (a form of divorce) from Shoaib. In her first interview after Shoaib's remarriage, Sania spoke candidly about the personal changes she had undergone.

Speaking to BBC Hindi, Sania discussed the challenges of living in the public eye. She emphasized that it is impossible for everyone to like everyone, and learning to deal with public scrutiny is crucial. She admitted that she used to be very emotional and reactive but has since become more thoughtful and composed. Sania noted that patience increases with age, but becoming a mother brings an even greater need for patience. She remarked, "Patience comes with age, but especially when you become a mother, there’s no other option. I'm happy for this change.” ALSO READ: Abhi Mujhe Pehle Love Interest Dundna Hai: Sania Mirza’s SAVAGE Reply After Ex Shoaib Malik’s 3rd Wedding Is Unmissable! 

Sania also reflected on the true value of life, stating that money and fame are mere luxuries and not the essence of life. What truly matters, she asserted, is having genuine people around for support during tough times. Over the years, her decision-making process has matured, bringing with it emotional growth and a clearer perspective on what is important.

Drawing a parallel between sports and life, Sania conveyed a message of resilience. She highlighted that both arenas involve good and bad times, and just as athletes recover from losses, individuals must also persevere through life's challenges. "There are good and bad times. In sports, you get back up after a loss. It’s the same in life. Bad days don’t last forever. You try to improve things and move forward,” she explained.

According to various reports, the primary reason for Sania and Shoaib's split was his extramarital affairs, which had left Sania distressed. When she discovered his infidelity for the last time, she informed his family, who then travelled to Dubai to mediate. Despite these efforts, the couple decided not to continue their marriage. It was also reported that Shoaib's family disapproved of his decision to marry Sana Javed, and they did not attend the wedding.

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