Sanjay Dutt's ‘Luck’ Was The Original ‘Squid Game’? Netizens Scream ‘Bollywood Did It First’

Netflix's Squid Game has caught Bollywood fans’ attention as they found similarities between Sanjay Dutt’s movie, Luck and the popular Korean drama

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Sanjay Dutt's ‘Luck’ Was The Original ‘Squid Game’? Netizens Scream ‘Bollywood Did It First’
Netflix's Korean drama Squid Game has taken the internet by storm. Right from memes to montages of the web series, social media users are having a blast sharing content from the latest trending topic. The series is also reminding Bollywood fans of the 2009 film Luck. Many users took to Twitter and pointed out that Squid Game seems like an elaborate version of the Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan and Shruti Haasan-starrer.

For the uninitiated, Squid Game is a nine-part survival thriller set in modern-day Seoul, where 450-odd contestants play simple children’s games to win a jackpot amount or die trying. While the ones clearing the games move forward, those who fail to complete the tasks die. Luck also followed a similar formula, thus leaving fans screaming that ‘Bollywood did it first.’

Twitterati have pointed out that both plots revolve around people who desperately need money and compete with each other to play deadly games. A fan tweeted, "Bollywood did squid game first yall." Another one wrote, "I think I downloaded wrong Squid Game."

Many highlighted that the only differences between the two projects are that Squid Game is better written and has a better budget than the Bollywood movie.

A Twitter user wrote, "Me after watching #SquidGame : Yeh to Luck movie ka high end version nikla."

Another one chipped in, "People saying squid game is a really unique show haven't watched Luck."

A netizen added, "#SquidGame , a mafia leader, gives a bunch of people an opportunity to turn their luck around and earn a hefty amount. They are required to deadly play games while people bet on game #SquidGame Sounds similar? Its #Bollywood movie #luck released in 2009."

Korean drama Squid Game is on its way to becoming the most popular show on Netflix. The series has piqued the audiences' interest across the globe as they seem to be intrigued over the gruesome and gory story.

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