Shamna Kasim Receives Blackmail And Extortion Calls; Police Spring To Action, Make 4 Arrests

Actress Shamna Kasim had reported of receiving extortion calls, now Kerala Police has arrests 4 individuals by tracking their calls

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Shamna Kasim Receives Blackmail And Extortion Calls; Police Spring To Action, Make 4 Arrests
South Indian film actress Shamna Kasim receiving threat calls for extortion, has received helped from Kerala Police ultimately reaching at some solution to this problem. As published in Hindustan Times, Kerala Police successfully tracked down 4 individuals involved in their activity and arrested them. The extortionists were demanding money and if not obeyed were threatening to release some video clips. This was revealed by the actor’s father in his complaint to the cops. The actress herself revealed about it to her parents and did not choose to keep it to herself. 

She was quoted saying by Malayalam news channel, “No one else should fall in such a trap, that is why I told my parents to file a complaint. They seem to be a part of an extortion gang.” As per reports, the actress’ father had received a call discussing about a marriage proposal. During this conversation it was mentioned of the groom being a businessman from Dubai and belonging to a family in north Kerala, Kozhikode. Followed by which six people visited them at their Kochi residence. 

These visitors captured videos during their visit and then later started demanding for money. When refused to in give in to their demands, the actor’s father started threat calls and this marriage proposal turned to be fake. An address provided by them for a meeting turned out to be fake. 

Police arrested 4 persons by tracking their calls, it also mentioned of the Police handling this case might make more arrests, keeping in mind this being close knit extortion racket. ALSO READ: Matrimonial Website Removes Skin Colour Filter, Beauty Brand To Stop Selling Fairness Creams Amid Raging Debate Over Racism And Colourism

Shamna set her foot in the cinematic world in the year 2007 and since then has appeared in more than 40 films in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. ALSO READ: Former Porn Star Mia Khalifa Gets A Nose Job To Make It More Feminine; Preaches All To Not Idolise Women As Seen On Social Media

Image Source: Instagram/shamnakasim