SHOCKING! Astrology Influencer Danielle Ayoka Upset About Eclipse Killed Partner And Her Baby – REPORTS

US citizen Danielle Ayoka who is an astrology influencer killed her partner and a child after being upset over Eclipse

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SHOCKING! Astrology Influencer Danielle Ayoka Upset About Eclipse Killed Partner And Her Baby – REPORTS
Danielle Johnson, who went by the online pseudonym Danielle Ayoka, had established a presence on the internet offering spiritual services such as "aura cleanses" and online zodiac readings. As a self-proclaimed spiritual guide, she used her platform to engage with her followers, especially regarding the total solar eclipse in North America on Monday. Johnson labelled the eclipse as "the epitome of spiritual warfare," advising her audience to protect themselves and make moral choices during the celestial event.

On the morning of the eclipse, a tragic and disturbing sequence of events unfolded. According to the Los Angeles Times, Johnson fatally stabbed her Air Force veteran partner, Jaelen Allen Chaney, at their apartment. She then fled the scene in a Porsche Cayenne with her two daughters, aged nine years and eight months. As Johnson sped down the 405 freeway, she pushed her children out of the moving vehicle. Sadly, only the older child survived.

Johnson continued her reckless drive until her vehicle crashed into a tree on the Pacific Coast Highway at an estimated speed of 100 miles per hour. The collision left her body so disfigured that identification was challenging. Meanwhile, police responded to the apartment, discovering a trail of bloody footprints and Chaney's body, who had been stabbed in the heart.

Law enforcement confirmed that Danielle Johnson and her online persona Danielle Ayoka were the same person. The incident left authorities and the public questioning the motives behind her violent actions, especially considering her spiritual influence and her followers' reliance on her guidance.

While Johnson's claims of the eclipse signifying spiritual warfare may have appealed to some, scientists dismiss such notions as baseless conspiracies. The total solar eclipse offered an extraordinary visual experience for millions across North America, with onlookers marveling at the celestial event and the Moon's shadow covering the Sun's radiant corona. In contrast, Los Angeles observed only a partial eclipse, and the day's events left the community shocked and unsettled by the tragic series of events.

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