SHOCKING! Chinese Rocket Debris Falls Back On Earth At A Residential Place; VIDEO Goes Viral - WATCH

Chinese rocket Debris has fallen back on earth and that too in a residential area, video of this shocking incident surfaces online

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SHOCKING! Chinese Rocket Debris Falls Back On Earth At A Residential Place; VIDEO Goes Viral - WATCH
On June 22, a Long March 2-C rocket, carrying the Space Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM) satellite, jointly launched by China and France, experienced a dramatic setback. Shortly after liftoff from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre at 3.00 am local time, a booster from the rocket fell back to Earth close to a residential area, exploding upon impact. A video of the incident circulated on social media, capturing the moment of panic as the rocket descended onto a populated area.


Part Of Debris Falls On Earth

The Long March 2C rocket utilizes a hypergolic mixture of nitrogen tetroxide and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH), both of which are toxic to humans. Concerns were raised online about the potential inhalation of these hazardous substances. Despite this alarming development, Chinese authorities declared the mission a success, confirming that the SVOM satellite, designed to study celestial phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts, had reached orbit successfully.

This launch marks the first joint astronomy satellite developed by China and France, underscoring Beijing's expanding capabilities in space and lunar exploration. The collaboration has attracted partners from Europe and Asia, demonstrating China's growing influence in the field. Just earlier this month, China announced a significant milestone in lunar exploration as its Chang'e-6 lunar probe transferred samples collected from the moon's far side to a spacecraft in lunar orbit. The unmanned spacecraft is anticipated to return to Earth, potentially on June 25, which could make China the first country to retrieve lunar matter from the moon's permanently far side.

The successful deployment of the SVOM satellite and China's continued progress in space exploration underscore the nation's commitment to advancing astronomical discoveries. Despite the setback during the launch, the mission represents an important step forward in international collaboration and scientific exploration beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Image Source: Twitter