SHOCKING! Pakistani YouTuber Shot Dead By Security Guard After He Refused To Film VLOG During India vs Pak Match

Pakistani YouTuber was killed by a security guard who got irritated as the person wanted to film a vlog during India vs Pak game

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SHOCKING! Pakistani YouTuber Shot Dead By Security Guard After He Refused To Film VLOG During India vs Pak Match
India and Pakistan are both nations where cricket is more than just a sport—it's a passion that evokes intense emotions. When these two teams clash in a multinational tournament, the excitement reaches fever pitch. Victories are celebrated with exuberance akin to festivals, while losses are met with profound disappointment. Pakistani fans, in particular, are known for their dramatic reactions, including the infamous instances of breaking television sets whenever their team loses to India. However, this year, the anticipation for the India vs. Pakistan encounter in the T20 World Cup 2024 led to a tragic and violent incident.

According to Pakistani media, a shocking event unfolded in Lahore city even before the highly anticipated match. Saad Ahmed, a YouTuber, was filming a vlog in Lahore’s mobile market to capture the excitement surrounding the India vs. Pakistan match scheduled to take place in New York on June 9. As he interviewed various people about their thoughts on the upcoming match, he encountered a security guard who was reluctant to be part of the video.

Despite the guard's clear disinterest, Saad continued to press him with questions, repeatedly bringing the microphone close to the guard’s face. This persistence led to the guard losing his temper and tragically shooting the YouTuber. Saad was rushed to the hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival. One of Saad’s friends shared with Pakistan’s Geo TV that Saad had called him before heading to shoot the video. He also revealed that Saad was the sole breadwinner for his family, adding to the tragedy of the loss.

The incident was widely shared on social media, including an Instagram account named khattti.meethi.baateinn, which posted about Saad’s murder along with one of his old videos. The post included a statement from the accused security guard, who explained his actions by saying, "He kept on bringing the mic close to my face and filming. I lost my temper and fired at him."

CCTV footage corroborated the account, showing the interaction between Saad and the guard before the shooting occurred. Reports confirmed that the local police had apprehended the guard following the incident. This tragic event underscored the volatile mix of fervent passion and unchecked emotions that often accompany cricket matches between India and Pakistan, highlighting the darker side of sports fanaticism.

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