Sudhaa Chandran On Airport Ordeal: 'I Got A Call From CISF Officers Saying That They Are Looking Into This Matter With Utmost Urgency'

The Central Industrial Security Force has issued an apology to Sudhaa Chandran on social media.

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Sudhaa Chandran On Airport Ordeal: 'I Got A Call From CISF Officers Saying That They Are Looking Into This Matter With Utmost Urgency'
Actor and dancer Sudhaa Chandran, who shared her ordeal at an airport a few days back, has now divulged details about the ‘grilling’ that was conducted because of her prosthetic limb. She, in an interaction with ETimes, spoke about what exactly irked her so much so that she had to request Prime Minister Narendra Modi about instituting a better process for prosthetic users.

Sudhaa Chandran said she only wanted to say that while there are a lot of CISF personnel, who are very considerate about the whole issue and they understand it. However, at times, "we come across people who are very adamant about certain things, which I am not able to understand. It has been very categorically said, and also the CISF officers mentioned yesterday in their tweets, that the prosthetic has to be removed only under exceptional circumstances. So, my point is, if this has been conveyed to all the CISF officers, why do a few of the officers behave like this?"

She continued, "Insisting on the fact that an (Explosives Trace Detectors) ETD scan has to be done, which I know is a protocol to be followed. I mean, I never said that I am a dancer or I have done this for the country, No! I treat myself as a normal citizen. I had only asked as a request, as a normal citizen of this country, to do something about this issue. And I feel if the protocols are conveyed to all the CISF officials while some follow, why are others not doing so? Why are people like us subject to this harassment? The officials say, removing my prosthetic limb is a protocol and we have to follow it and I too never said no to follow the norm, as it's a question of our National Security. As a citizen, safety comes first and I am happy that they are following the rules and regulations. I certainly don't want anybody in India to not follow the protocols, that would be very wrong."

When asked what these circumstances are, Sudhaa Chandran said, "That day, CISF officers particularly called me and admitted that there is no such rule and there is nothing like insistence of opening of a prosthetics as it is only done under exceptional circumstances and we don't fall under that category. But it becomes very humiliating and embarrassing when few of them say - 'Aap humko nahi samjhaye ETD karna hai ya nahi, humko pata hai, jara uper uthaeye, humko dekhne dijiye'- (You don't teach us what is ETD and what it has to be done, we know it, you just lift it up and let us check) What nonsense is this? If you have a procedure, follow it, things will be easier. Why are we complicating matters and humiliating people without reason?"

"You know, it becomes very embarrassing at times for a woman. What do they want me to do, pull down my pyjamas and show my artificial limb to them? Or do they want me to not wear an attire where I can't show my limb, do they want me to just wear skirts and open up instantly when they ask me to do it?" she continued.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) meanwhile has issued an apology on social media. They have promised that they will look into the matter and will “examine why the lady personnel concerned requested Ms. Sudhaaa Chandran to remove the prosthetics.”

CISF wrote, “We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to Ms. Sudhaaa Chandran. As per protocol, prosthetics are to be removed for security checks only under exceptional circumstances.”

They added, “We will examine why the lady personnel concerned requested Ms. Sudhaaa Chandran to remove the prosthetics. We assure Ms Sudhaa Chandran that all our personnel will be sensitised again on the protocols so that no inconvenience is caused to travelling passengers.”

To this end, Sudhaa Chandran told ETimes, "I got a call from CISF officers saying that they are looking into this matter with utmost urgency. I am so happy that they are acting on it in less than 24 hours of me posting the video. Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Minister of Civil Aviation, sent me a message with an apology and said that he will personally look into the matter so none of us will have an issue, going forward. I am extremely happy that our ministers are connecting with the common man. Also, I want to thank Mr Scindia, Mr Gopal Shetty, who is an MP, and all the CISF officials for taking immediate action about my concern."

Sudhaa Chandran lost her leg in an accident. But she returned to acting and dancing with a prosthetic limb.

In an Instagram video shared on Thursday, Sudhaa Chandran shared that every time she travels for her professional assignments, she is grilled by the security agencies. Despite her request to the airport authorities to conduct an ETD for her artificial limb, they ask her to remove it every time. She also urged PM Modi to issue a card to people with prosthetic limbs just like senior citizens who are issued a card.

Image Source: Instagram/sudhaachandran