Ved Actor Karan Parab And Roposo Live Streamers Open Up About How They’re Earning a Living As Content Creators!

Live platforms like Roposo are fuelling the Indian Creator Economy with Equal Monetization Opportunities

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Ved Actor Karan Parab And Roposo Live Streamers Open Up About How They’re Earning a Living As Content Creators!
The social media boom has got fans closer to the lives of their favourite Bollywood and TV stars. Earlier, fans didn’t have such access to the lives of these stars, but now with the emergence of several platforms, the access to a celebrity is much easier. In fact, we’ve seen many such platforms helping creators turn into stars by developing a fan following like never before. We’ve seen a wave of social stars including the likes of Dolly Singh, Prajakta Koli, Kusha Kapila, Bhuvan Bam and so many more. What’s more is that now platforms are also enabling creators to earn money, make a good living as well as follow their dreams, just like Ved actor Karan Parab!

India's creator ecosystem is continuing to expand rapidly, driven by the country's growing 750 million active internet users and affordable data costs. This digital revolution has provided the perfect backdrop for the explosive growth of the creator economy in the country. Today, millions of creators are leveraging technology-enabled platforms to showcase their talent, connect with newer audiences, build their communities, and even monetize their content. However, a key challenge for creators has been monetization opportunities that are often reserved for those with a massive audience following. This approach has left some budding and talented creators struggling.

However, platforms like Roposo are changing the game by enabling all creators on the platform to earn a living from the content they create. It is a one-stop destination for both shopping and live entertainment, and unlike other players, the platform doesn't impose specific follower or watch hour requirements for revenue sharing. Instead, the brand believes in the power of content itself. and this has helped them follow their dreams. It is opening the doors to a world where creators can transform their passions into a sustainable livelihood. Emerging creators, just embarking on their journey of content creation and live streaming, now have the chance to not only showcase their talents but also cultivate communities of like-minded people. What's even more remarkable? They can start earning right from their very first live show!

Karan Parab, actor who recently starred in Marathi film Ved (helmed by Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh) said, “During my toughest days, Roposo has provided me with financial stability that gave me the time and confidence to pursue my aspirations in the Marathi film industry. It allowed me to choose stories that I genuinely care about rather than picking projects to meet my financial needs.” He currently does LIVE shows on dating and mental health and is keen to explore more topics in the future. He added, “The platform has played a great role in helping me discover my authentic self, which continues to help me in my film career immensely.” 

Similarly, Shreya Chakraborty from Kolkata, who endured bullying and battled body image issues during her teenage years, found her calling on the platform as a makeup artist, a dream that she held since childhood. She said, "In my very first LIVE show, I had over 20,000 viewers, and I haven't looked back since. Roposo has not only boosted my confidence and turned my dreams into reality but has also given me financial independence to pursue my passion and save for my future. In fact, whenever my shows perform well, the platform shares their revenues with me, motivating me to do better every day!"

Reshi Magada, a 22-year-old finance creator from Mangalore said, “No matter how much you earn, how big you earn, it’s important to have a regular flow of income. As a content creator my entire income depends on brands that I partner with and every month is different – some months I have a lot of brand deals and some months, there are none. But, with Roposo, there’s a steady income that kicks into my account every month which gives a high sense of security and that is very important.”

Globally, there are already over 200 million creators, and India is poised to take the lead, with the number expected to exceed 100 million this year. The future of live entertainment is an ever-evolving landscape, and platforms like Roposo are at the forefront. They are playing a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of creators, fostering a vibrant community where both users and creators engage, learn. But, most importantly, the brand is enabling monetization opportunities to all creators, which is ultimately elevating the quality of live content in the sector and making way for an equitable creator economy. 

Roposo isn't merely another platform for creators; it's a catalyst for change. It is breathing life back into genres like comedy, fashion, K-Pop, and hip-hop, ushering in a cultural revival. Importantly, it is also aiding the gig economy, connecting creators with opportunities that redefine how they work and thrive.  At present, it boasts over 1,000 live streamers and creators, with a user base of over 80 million active individuals.
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