Virat Kohli Shows Anushka Sharma The Situation Around Over Video Call After Team India Gets Stranded In Barbados Over Hurricane Beryl - WATCH

Virat Kohli and team India is stranded in Barbados due to Hurricane and now wifey Anushka Sharma video calls to check on him

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Virat Kohli Shows Anushka Sharma The Situation Around Over Video Call After Team India Gets Stranded In Barbados Over Hurricane Beryl - WATCH
On Tuesday, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were seen sharing a tender moment over a video call, a video of which has captured the hearts of many fans. The cricketer is currently in Barbados, where he and his fellow Team India members find themselves stranded due to a hurricane that hit the region. The team had been in Barbados for the T20 World Cup finals. In the video that surfaced online, Virat is seen in the hotel lobby, engaging in a video call with Anushka. He appeared to be showing her the chaotic weather conditions outside, as heavy rains poured down. This glimpse into their personal interaction has left fans gushing over the couple’s bond.


Just over the weekend, Virat and Anushka won hearts with their adorable moment following India’s triumph in the T20 World Cup. Videos went viral showing Virat celebrating the victory by calling Anushka and their children, Vamika and Akaay. The cricketer was seen making funny faces during the call, likely entertaining his kids, and sharing the joy of the win with his family. Following the monumental match, Anushka penned an emotional post on social media to congratulate Team India. She shared photos of the team’s heartfelt celebrations and expressed her pride and happiness. Anushka wrote, “Our daughter’s biggest concern was if all the players had someone to hug them after she saw them cry on TV. Yes, my darling, they were hugged by 1.5 billion people. What a phenomenal victory and what a legendary achievement!! CHAMPIONS – CONGRATULATIONS!!”

In a heartfelt post dedicated to Virat, Anushka added, “I love this man @virat.kohli. So grateful to call you my home. Now go have a glass of sparkling water for me to celebrate this!” Virat, who had announced his retirement from the International T20 format, also wrote a touching note for Anushka. He expressed his deep gratitude, stating, “None of this would remotely be possible without you, my love. You keep me humble, grounded, and you always say it how it is with absolute honesty. I couldn’t be more grateful for you. This victory is as much yours as it’s mine. Thank you and I love you for being YOU @anushkasharma.”

This series of events has showcased the deep bond and mutual admiration between Anushka and Virat. Their public display of affection and support for each other, especially during significant moments, has endeared them further to fans. The hurricane incident in Barbados, followed by their virtual connection, and the subsequent celebration of India's victory, highlights the couple’s resilience, love, and unwavering support for each other.

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