WEIRD! Live Snake Comes Out Of Frog’s Bum! Internet Is Left Completely Baffled And Grossed Out By The VIRAL Photo-WATCH

Animals can easily show humans some weird stuff and a bizarre picture of live snake coming out of a frog’s arse has baffled netizens

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WEIRD! Live Snake Comes Out Of Frog’s Bum! Internet Is Left Completely Baffled And Grossed Out By The VIRAL Photo-WATCH
Wildlife can be full of bizarre occurrences! A picture of a snake coming out of a frog's backside has left the internet utterly baffled and a bit grossed out. The picture comes as an ultimate setback in the understanding of animal behaviour leaving the researchers puzzled. 

It's no secret, animals can easily show humans some weird stuff. The bizarre picture was posted to social media by the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

The picture shared by an Australian lady featured a snake coming out of a frog's bum! Well, that’s not all, the most baffling part is that the juvenile snake is a highly venomous species of Eastern brown snake that the frog supposedly ate.

So far, we’ve been taught that snakes are known to eat frogs but the latest picture paints a different story altogether. One thing is for certain, humans are yet to unravel the mysteries of how the food chain in wildlife works. 

A picture of the snake stuck in the frog's bum managed to find its way on social media and since then it has left the netizens in a tizzy. 

The snake catchers thought that the frog might have struggled to digest the snake and pooped it out, or guessed that the brown serpent might have slithered the entire way through the frog's digestive system.

In their post sharing the bizarre and baffling event, they explained that the lady who found the two animals stuck together and took the picture discovered the frog trying to work the snake out of its backside by using its legs, and she ended up pulling the snake out to spare the frog the arduous task, reported UNILAD.

"We were sent in this crazy photo of a Green Tree Frog with a baby Eastern Brown Snake coming out is bum. Was the frog struggling to digest and poop out the snake? Did the brown snake slither all the way through the digestive system?" Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said.

Naturally, the internet has gone berserk with the weird sight and thousands of people just couldn't stop staring at the image, dubbing the picture 'fascinating' and 'disgusting' in equal measure.

"I have so many questions but also don't want to know," a user said. Another wrote, "Ewww."

The snake catchers later confirmed that the snake was dead when it was ejected from the frog. The amphibian "hopped away as if nothing had happened" once the snake had been removed.

Image Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers