WHAT! Darshan Thoogudeepa Performed Puja With Wife After Renuka Swamy's Murder, Suggest Reports

Darshan hired a group of his fans to brutally assault and murder Renuka Swamy on June 9, after which they disposed of his body in a drain in Bengaluru, claims several reports

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WHAT! Darshan Thoogudeepa Performed Puja With Wife After Renuka Swamy's Murder, Suggest Reports
Kannada actor Darshan has been named the prime suspect in the shocking murder of Renuka Swamy. Following his arrest on June 12, details of the crime have come to light, painting a disturbing picture. Reports suggest that on June 9, Darshan hired a group of his fans to assault and kill Renuka Swamy, whose body was later disposed of in a drain in Bengaluru. After orchestrating this gruesome act, Darshan traveled to his wife Vijayalakshmi's residence in Hosakerehalli, where he participated in a puja with her.

Following the religious ritual, Darshan made his way to Mysuru. It was from there that he was apprehended on June 12, shortly after Renuka Swamy's body was discovered. In the wake of these events, Vijayalakshmi was called in for questioning by the police. She spent nearly five hours providing details related to the case, specifically regarding Darshan's footwear found at her residence despite their living separately.

Vijayalakshmi has now been listed as a witness in the case, having recorded her statement with the authorities. The post-mortem report of Renuka Swamy has revealed horrifying details about the murder. The report indicates that Renuka Swamy suffered a ruptured testicle from a kick, one of his ears was missing, and his mouth was mutilated and broken. Disturbingly, parts of his body were reportedly eaten by dogs. The police also revealed that he was beaten with sticks and rods, and there is suspicion that electrical shocks were used.

The motive behind this brutal crime allegedly stems from Renuka Swamy sending lewd messages to Darshan's partner, actress Pavithra Gowda. In response, Darshan reportedly took the extreme step of hiring individuals to carry out the murder. The shocking details and the involvement of a well-known actor have made this case a sensational topic in the media.

Darshan's actions and the subsequent cover-up, including the puja performed with his wife, have added layers of complexity to the case. The actor's transition from a celebrated figure to a murder suspect has stunned the public and brought intense scrutiny upon his personal life and relationships. As the investigation continues, more revelations are expected, shedding further light on the events leading up to and following the murder of Renuka Swamy.

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