WHAT! Queen Elizabeth ll’s Death Was Predicted By The Simpsons Back In 2014? Fans Claim It Is A HOAX! Here’s The Truth

‘The Simpsons’ is popularly known for its infamous prophesies and it seems the show did not live up to its expectations over the viral claims of Queen Elizabeth ll’s Death

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WHAT! Queen Elizabeth ll’s Death Was Predicted By The Simpsons Back In 2014? Fans Claim It Is A HOAX! Here’s The Truth
The iconic animated show, which is infamously known for predicting real-world situations, has once again decorated the headlines for correctly predicting the death of Britain's monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 

However, this time fans of the show will be disappointed to learn that the claims are unfounded as 'The Simpsons' did not make any such prediction, reported Meaww. 

The rumours are rife that the show had once again predicted its uncannily accurate prophecies. Social media users falsely went on to declare that The Simpsons had hit the bull's eye by predicting the Queen's demise in addition to the year.

Several memes and fan reactions flooded the internet as people expressed their shock and awe over the show’s prophecizing powers. Matt Groening, the creator of Simpsons, was even credited for predicting an event. 

One of the tweets featured a clip from the fourth episode of Season 15, titled 'The Regina Monologues' where the Simpson family head to the United Kingdom, as claimed by the TikTok user @Moviesandmemes46790. 

The episode in question alleged that Homer Simpson can be seen driving in a car which collides with the Queen's carriage. Following this, the show allegedly shows a close-up of a piece of paper that reads, "8.9.2022" - the real-world date of Queen Elizabeth II's death.

The clip instantly went viral on social media and it has been viewed by over 16 million times. 

Although, some even investigated the clip’s accuracy to find that it has been edited. Notably, the episode did in fact occur, but no such date appeared anywhere in the show. Since then, the edited video has been shared by many on other platforms, while others were quick to prove its inaccurate prophecy.

Another post featured an animated version of Queen Elizabeth II shown lying in the coffin and this seemingly turns out to be an astonishing prediction coming as early 2014. 

However, this has also been confirmed to be shared across platforms, from Twitter and Reddit to TikTok, with people crediting the show as a hoax. For the unversed, the show originally featured Donald Trump lying in a coffin. As per the Insider report, the former US President has been replaced with the Queen and a headstone with the date was added to the image.

Nevertheless, The Simpsons have built a reputation for themselves for featuring events that have an uncanny resemblance to the real-world events that occur years later. 

Previously, Simpsons had prophesized of Donald Trump becoming the President, as well as the fire at Notre Dame cathedral. 

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