WHAT! Samantha Ruth Prabhu Is A ‘Serial Offender’ In Context Of Healthcare Misinformation? Doctor Makes SHOCKING Claims!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu was slammed by a doctor on social media for spreading misinformation and being a 'serial offender' when it comes to a false awareness campaign

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WHAT! Samantha Ruth Prabhu Is A ‘Serial Offender’ In Context Of Healthcare Misinformation? Doctor Makes SHOCKING Claims!
Dr Cyriac Abby Philips, known as The Liver Doc, has once again criticized actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, accusing her of playing the "victim" in response to his comments. The doctor previously condemned Samantha for promoting hydrogen peroxide nebulisation, which he called “unscientific, pseudoscientific, and baseless.” Samantha had earlier suggested its use on her Instagram stories, prompting a strong reaction from Dr Philips, who labelled her a “serial offender” in spreading healthcare misinformation.


On Friday morning, Philips took to his X handle to address Samantha’s recent response to his original post. He reiterated his stance on the dangers of hydrogen peroxide nebulisation and criticized Samantha’s influence on public health. He argued that her large following amplifies the spread of misinformation, making it necessary for medical professionals like him to counteract such claims despite their busy schedules. According to Philips, public health and disease prevention are his primary concerns, which justify his strong and direct approach to debunking false health information.

Philips urged Samantha not to play the "victim" and encouraged her to “unlearn and re-learn” correct health practices. He expressed disappointment in her response, stating that a more rational approach would have been to delete her misleading posts, apologize to her followers, and commit to avoiding the promotion of fraudulent practices. Philips emphasized that public figures have a responsibility to ensure their health advice is scientifically sound and not detrimental to public health.

For context, Samantha's Instagram story recommending hydrogen peroxide nebulisation caught the attention of Dr. Philips, who responded by calling her “health and science illiterate” and describing the practice as “dangerous for health.” He even suggested that in a rational and scientifically progressive society, Samantha would face legal consequences for endangering public health, potentially being fined or jailed. Philips also implied that Samantha needed better advisors to guide her on health-related matters.

Samantha responded to the criticism, asserting that her recommendation came from a “good intention” and was based on advice from a “highly qualified doctor.” However, Dr Philips remained steadfast in his criticism, highlighting the importance of reliable and scientifically accurate health information, especially from public figures with significant influence.

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