VIDEO: Nana Patekar Is Pissed With Salman Khan

At an event in Delhi, Salman Khan had spoken in the favour of Pakistani artistes and said that there is a difference between terrorists and artistes. However, his views did not go down well with political parties and nowpeople from his own industry are condemning his statement as well.

At an event in Delhi, Salman Khan had spoken in the favour of Pakistani artistes and said that there is a difference between terrorists and artistes. However, his views did not go down well with political parties and nowpeople from his own industry are condemning his statement as well.

At an event in Pune, Nana
 Patekar said: “No artiste is bigger than my country. They are as minuscule as a mosquito. My country comes first. I have served for the army for 2.5 years and I know that our soldiers are the real heroes of the nation, and not anyone else.”

Furthermore, on being asked about Salman, 
Nana got furious and replied, “Those who keep blabbering-and you know who I am talking about- can keep blabbering. They are nothing in front of our soldiers and nation. Do not give so much importance to what they speak-they don’t deserve it.”

 wonder what Mr. Khan has to say about his own industry turning its back on him.

Image Source: punjabkesari, babahumor