Ram Gopal Varma is a maverick filmmaker but behaves like a fanboy when it comes to his idols. The Baahubali filmmaker recently visited the sets of Sarkar 3 to meet the doyen. It was a thrilling moment for the Sarkar director to see both S.S. Rajamouli and Amitabh Bachchan sharing some candid moments on the sets of his upcoming film. He posted the picture of both the titans immersed in conversation with each other. Ramu documented the moment as, “The Bahubali of film making with the Bahubali of acting on the sets of Sarkar 3.” 

Kunal Kohli, best known as the director of the Aamir Khan starrer Fanna, recently posted a selfie directly from the gym. Today is Kunal’s birthday but instead of celebrating the day, he thought it prudent to spend time at the gym. He captioned the photograph as, “Not a year, just a day older. Way to look at life in your 40′s ;-) #bday is also #gymday

Shekhar Kapur is considered an intellectual filmmaker and has a vision that could see beyond ordinary sights. His social posts are full of wisdom and are reflections of his life musings. Here is another lesson that he recently shared with his followers: “Fame is just too noisy. And the noise lives in ur head long after fame has left you in search of fresher victims.”

Nargis Fakri is all about fun and fitness. The Banjo actress recently posted her picture with a cycle and captioned it as, “I'm so excited to finally be riding my bike! Combining Fitness & Fun is easy with my new bike from @pfcycles.”

Thumbnail Image Source: twitter/RGVzoomin

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