Details of the dirty fight between Sanjay and Salman at IIFA

Dost Dost na raha

A big fat spat between two superstars, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, went unreported during the IIFA Awards at Madrid. But nothing escapes, so let us tell you about this tu tu main main between the once good friends. This event sparked hostility between the two men of muscle. Dutt on his birthday on July 29 had stated that there’s no animosity between him and Salman but the true story is something else.

It happened one late evening actually, a source told that Sultan star had dropped by at the hotel suite for the IIFA function where Dutt and his family had checked in. What started as a casual conversation turned ugly when Salman started doling out ‘gyan’ to the much-senior Sanjay on how to go about rejuvenating his career.

The unsolicited Agony Uncle-like advice bugged Sanjay, who felt Salman was talking arrogantly after becoming a superstar thanks to a series of hits. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan was asked to leave the suite in no uncertain terms. Soon after Sanjay Dutt and his family chose not to participate in the function. He left the Madrid hotel and took off for a vacation in Europe. 

The animosity between the two stars goes back a long way. The bone of contention between Sanjay and Salman is a lady called Reshma Shetty.

Sanjay Dutt was out on parole in December 2014, Salman had advised him to hire Reshma Shetty who is Salman’s manager. Sanjay did require a manager to handle his work and rebuild his image and his movie career because he was soon going to be released from custody. Taking his old friend’s advice, Reshma was bought on board! However, even after many months of waiting, the actor did not land a single project.

When enquired about it, it was found out that Reshma and her team had hiked Sanjay's professional fee to such an extent that producers, who were keen on casting him in their ventures, were considering other alternatives. 

Naturally, Sanjay did not take kindly to another piece of advice coming from Salman. Again.

Sad. Dost dost na raha, isn’t it?

Thumbnail Image Source: Manav Manglani