Mumbaikars Roast Diljit Dosanjh And His Punjabi Numbers!

We can’t stop tripping on it

Over time, Punjab has become the breeding ground of country’s biggest and most famous pop stars. And from their ‘pinds’ to the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, these stars have made their presence felt and how!

Diljit Dosanjh is once such singer-turned-actor who manages to set music charts on fire with each of his single. However, come to think of it, while we all love to groove to the catchy beats , how many of us actually understand the lyrics we’re dancing on?

But worry not! Certain inquisitive Mumbaikars got hold of the ‘Proper Patola’ hit-maker Diljit Dosanjh and did not let him go till the time he simplified the Punjabi jargon used in his songs for the ‘Humans of Mumbai’!

Diljit sang, danced and laughed his way through this fun session and we couldn’t help but fall in love a little more with the simplicity and honesty of this man!