This Guy Wants To Ban Fawad Khan From Bollywood & He Has A Point

Is it sensible to counter hate by more hate?

In the backdrop of the recent Uri attacks on India by Pakistan, actor Fawad Khan was asked to leave Bollywood and was given 48 hours to do the same. While the move to alienate Pakistan from the international community makes sense, does stopping the cultural and art exchange between the two neighbours make sense? Would banning Pakistani actors ensure peace in our times? Would that bring back our brave soldiers from the dead? Is it sensible to counter hate by more hate?

This video is a sarcastic take on how things have gone from bad to worse for among the two neighbouring nations. And the worst part is that innocent artists from across the border have to pay the price of the same. Check out what this guy has to say because we’re glad somebody said it.

Thumbnail Image Source: SpotboyE Team