Asia's Sexiest Woman Nia Sharma's Candid Revelation: I Want To Look Still Better

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with, Nia Sharma talks about being trolled for lipsticks, her plans after Twisted 2 and lots more...

Neeki Singh

Tue Jun 19 2018, 20:10:51 201788 views

You are turning stylish by the day...
I don't fall in the category where I can say I look good. But when I entered into the industry, I was always clear that I will groom myself everyday. And that's not for anybody else that I have to prove myself.

I am doing this for only myself.

In fact, I was doing it since a long time but Instagram was not popular that time, so people didn't notice me much. I love to dress up. And slowly I started looking better. Media started writing about that. So that has been the change.

But I still want to look much better than what I do today. So everyday is a struggle, everyday is a process to get there--- but I will get there.

Any Bollywood diva you look up to when it comes to styling? 
There are a lot of them, but Sonam Kapoor in particular is someone I always look up to. Even if it's her airport look, Sonam stands out. She is the one who likes to dress up and experiment and it reflects in her personality. Malaika Arora is another stylish diva, I would say. 

Who is your style icon? 
Dua Lipa is my current favourite. When it comes to styling, I have a fascination towards VH1, all these hi-fi fashion models you know. In fact I look them up on Instagram too.

VH1 music video pop singers also inspire me a lot. But that doesn't mean I will dress up like them as I don't have that kind of personality. But we can definitely get little cues from them on how we can improve our styling. 

How does it feel beating Alia Bhat, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor in Asia's Sexiest Women list? 
This is just a list. Every year there will be a list, everyday there is some poll. So that way, I am nowhere. And frankly speaking, I have always been a part of this list as it has always got me in top 5.

I think this list has always been important to my fans as they always contributed hugely in numbers. So maybe that's why I have always found a place there (pauses). But I am not getting carried away.

Go on... 
Still it's a happy feeling, it's a great feeling. But I can't rest on it. Kyunki yeh meri life ka koi bhaut bada achievement nahin hai. 

Buzz is, you are debuting in Bollywood this year?
Says who? No one asked me before writing about me doing a Vikram Bhatt's film. I don't know where it came from. I have not even been approached for it. Just because I was working in his Twisted 2? 

But haven't you got plans to step into movies next?
I don't want to talk about plans, they are just plans. But I can share with you that I want to perform.

So now I want to work for a good lead role--- something that people have not seen me doing till date. Now I want my work to talk, instead of just being trolled for lipsticks which is very lame. My agenda was never to be known for my look and makeup. 

Will you ever do a daily soap again (she last did Jamai Raja) ? 
If I would be given important or a central role, I will take it up happily.