Pakistani Women Lash Out At Censor Board For Banning Veere Di Wedding

The Pakistani Censor Board has banned Veere Di Wedding over “vulgar dialogues and obscene scenes”. Now women of the country slammed them for the step...

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Pakistani Women Lash Out At Censor Board For Banning Veere Di Wedding

The Pakistan Censor Board has banned the release of Veere Di Wedding starring Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania. The movie was screened for the CBFC in Pakistan on Tuesday night. Danyal Gilani, Chairman of the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC), told news agency IANS via social media, “Members of the CBFC unanimously decided to not allow the film for public exhibition in the cinemas as its content flouts the Censorship of Film Code 1980.” CBFC concluded that this film had “vulgar dialogues and obscene scenes” and therefore, was not fit for the release in the country.

After learning about the decision, Pakistani women took to social media and condemned the ban of the film in their country.

A tweet read, “Censor board has confirmed that #VeereDiWedding is going to be banned in Pakistan because of "vulgarity" and also "theme." A film about a bunch of badass ladies being banned by a bunch of grumpy men, why am I not surprised?”

Another tweet said, “#VeereDiWedding is banned in Pakistan because of “vulgar” content. Meanwhile there are men on the roads of this very country jerking off in public and no one seems to be taking any action in that regard. Go figure!”

Ranting against the censor board, a user wrote, “Loooool Pakistan banned #VeereDiWedding. Nargis’ crazy butt dances and Shaan’s violent killing sprees were okay but you’ve banned this film coz it shows women have agency & choice. Way to go, idiots.”

Desi censors be like:

- glorification of domestic abuse (Chain Aye Na)?

- glorification of mass suicide (Padmaavat)?

- a bunch of women discussing female sexual pleasure (#VeereDiWedding)?

“Sonu ki Teeto ki Sweety was the most non-vulgur film ya of course. But oh my god, how dare a women cuss, ban Veere Di Wedding!!!! Everyday, I get a reminder why men are cancelled,” said a netizen

“Really, they allow all the other films where women are objectified, and now that there is a film that has strong female characters celebrating friendship, and love, they have a problem. If men had taken on these characters, this film would not have been banned. #VeereDiWedding,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Honestly I've never been so angry about any movie being banned here but #VeereDiWedding? FGS, I've been waiting for this one Bollywood movie since the trailer came out,” said another user.

Here are few other tweets:


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