Alok Nath, Otherwise Sanskaari, Was A Different Man At Night: Tara's Deven Bhojani Recalls Stories

TV producer Vinta Nanda has spoken up about Alok Nath raping her when they worked on Tara. We spoke to Deven Bhojani, who was a part of Tara, to know more.

You have been part of Tara, did you had an idea about Alok Nath's behaviour?
When I joined Tara, the show had taken a leap and Tara's daughter Devyani's character was introduced. We were from the next generation. So we didn't shoot with Alok Nath as he was already out of the show by that time.

Still, did you hear anything about he causing harassment?
I knew Vinta very well. In fact, she is on my FB till now. Last night, I read her post and was shocked to know the incident. In fact, "Mere Raoungte Khade hogaye". Vinta was a writer and hence not a regular on the sets. She was very sweet and I never knew that something like this is happening with her (pauses).

vinta nanda
Vinta Nanda

Go on... 
The one thing  I can totally relate with the incident is 3 shows of Tracinema going off air suddenly. I was doing two of those, plus I was shooting for the third called V3+. We were puzzled but never got the confirmed reason. We used to hear that there were differences between the channel and the makers, but I guess I got to know the real reason only after reading Vinta's recent post.

Did you shoot with Navneet Nishan?
Yes, but just 1-2 scenes. I remember interacting with her at Delhi event. I was with my wife that time. She is a nice lady. We also worked for a film together.

navneet nishan

Were you shocked to know about Alok Nath's this side?
Not really. Because during our shoots in make-up rooms many stories of him used to be discussed. That during day time he is simple, sober and sanskari like an angel but as soon as he used to get drunk in the night his personality used to change totally. He used to abuse, have verbal fights. But I have never experienced any such thing personally. But that time also, I couldn't have imagine him doing something like this. I really appreciate Vinta for taking such an brave step. The way she has described how brutally was raped. She is not an actor who will do it for publicity. Her voice will definitely give strength to other women who go through such incidences and maintains to be quite. 

deven bhojani

What punishment you feel Alok Nath should get after this?
See, things have not been proved yet and we were not present at the site where it happened. So, we can't pass a judgement. But any rapist in this world should get a strict punishment. Saza kadi se kadi honi chahiye.

Alok Nath statement after the incident is rather shocking...
Honestly, I haven't seen it yet. So I don't want to believe anything and react.

deven bhojani

Alok Nath's statement given in the wake of Vinta's FB Post is rather shocking...
Honestly, I haven't seen it yet. So I don't want to believe anything and react.

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