Neha Dhupia’s Frank Full-Length Chat About Her Pregnancy And Motherhood

On pregnancy and motherhood, we spoke to Neha Dhupia right down till baby’s name and if she would plan a second baby soon

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Neha Dhupia’s Frank Full-Length Chat About Her Pregnancy And Motherhood

Neha Dhupia is busy promoting her upcoming chat show, #NoFilterNeha season 3, whose one episode has been aired already. The actress spoke exclusively to where she made many revelations. The actress first spoke at length about her new chat show, whose first episode, Keeping Up With Katrina Kaif is already out. After asking her about NoFilterNeha 3 and her latest release Helicopter Eela, we couldn’t help ourselves and ask about baby. Neha is due to deliver any day.

We asked Neha, who did she first break the good news to. She said, “My mum is very upset, it was Karan Johar!” Talking about Angad’s reaction after he came to know that he was going to be a father, she said, “He was happy. Everyone was happy. It’s what you want with the person you love. When we have been friends, he would always tell me,’ If I ever want you in my life, you are going to be the mother of my child. I don’t want you as my girlfriend’. Every day, I just look at him and I tell myself I am very lucky to have him.”

A while back, we told you what Neha Dhupia wants, a boy or a girl? She told us, “I just want a healthy baby and Angad always says he wants gold medallists. We both had undying wish of becoming athletes and sports people before joining the movies. Every time he’s asked what he wants, he says, both of us have this undying wish that our child to go and represent India in the Olympics and brink back gold.” We continued to ask her about her preference, she said, “We always say, we want a health happy baby. Girls are more fun to dress up and boys are more notorious – you can go and get them dirty. But if it’s going to be a mini Neha or mini Angad, we don’t know. Mini Neha, I think”

Well, the Eela actress also revealed why she actually kept her pregnancy a secret, baby’s nursery and many more things. Watch the FULL interview above.

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